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  1. Hello Alan,

    I hope you can help! I have an 1897 C of L Police jubilee medal to PC 404 W. SHEEN. I am trying to locate anything on his history with C of L police and hope you can assist. It's a little difficult to source info from Australia!

    Kind regards, David.

    1. Alan Baird

      Alan Baird

      Hi David,

                     Go on the ''London Metropolitan Archives'' site and give them all his City of London Police details, as you have listed above, asking if his personal file is available.

      They will then tell you if the file has survived and they will sent you some forms which allows you to pay a small charge for them to go into the file and give you a break-down of the costs of supplying a copy of the file.

      If he has a big file, it might be a bit costly so you might only want the best bits from the file.

      I live in Scotland so I have to do the same and all communications with them is by 'e' mail and post so being in Australia will be no problem for them.

      The files obviously contains lots of details you can't get anywhere else and are invaluable if you want to research this individual.

      Also go on the ''Old Bailey trials'' site.... basically put in PC Sheen or Sheen and see what comes up around the period you think he was in the City of London Police. 

      If you have any problems just come back and I will help if I can

      regards Alan.

      Hi again,

      The 'e' mail address for the enquiry to the London Metropolitan Archives is



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