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  1. Mervyn, I am so glad to see you are back writing in the Blog section.
    Thank you for posting this in the Blog section where as many as possible will read this most interesting history.
    Would it be possible to also post this in the regular section of the GMIC as it needs to be preserved so those researching the forum will find it at a later date.
    As always, well done Mervyn.

  2. Hello Mervyn,

    Even though I am well entrenched in the "fossil corner" I do see such advances as email, Facebook etc. as a positive thing but mainly for one reason. Families are no longer able to remain in the same general are as their parents and brothers and sisters. This distance, years ago, meant that you would only see your children and grandchildren on High Holidays. Now with better commuications, stories and photos can be shared quickly and with Skype you can even speak with your children and grandchildren almost any time. Then there are friends living in South Africa, Australia, the UK and India (Punjab) who are only a key board away, what a great invention this email and other communications options have turned out to be. Now if we could teleport from Canada to your shop in S.A. we could really do business. Ha ha

    Other than than, and this forum of course, emails and such are more trouble than they are worth for the most part.
    Regards for the fossil world

  3. Hello DJT,
    Good comeback. I can understand a dealer having one of a particular collectable and not wanting to let it go too cheaply and putting a high price on it out of ignorance. Some deals, however, only sell certain items and when they inflate the price at least four times market I makes my blood boil.
    Thanks again for your comment, I shall remember and use this one.

  4. Vent away fellows, it's good for the soul.

    In my past profession it was very important to be able to read people and know what to say and what not to say. The other important thing was not too over react, which is what I did. I forgot that what passes as an insult in one region means nothing in another. To be fair to the dealer he was not from the same part of the country as I so I really should have cut him some slack and let it pass. The day was hot I was tired and things happed, and perhaps the term "######" will no longer be in the dealer's vocabulary. Ha ha

    All's well that ends well.


  5. It is interesting that you've tied the Occupy movement to communism, I never thought of them in that way. However, now you mention it I suspose they are much alike. The old, "I don't want to risk anything or invest anything, except possibly sweat, but I want a bigger piece of the riches". I do respect your views and defend your right to state them...unlike the communist party. Chains are chains only the holders of the keys change.

  6. Hello ioway1846,
    This section is not for the identification of medals etc.
    Please reenter it under the proper evaluation and identification section.
    If you are a guest then the section would be
    Guests Valuation & Identification Forum, or if you are a member there is a section for that as well.
    You have a better chance of one of the members seeing it if it is in the correct section.

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