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  1. Drake - I didn't know you are an user of this forum. You have a stunning collection of pictures - please share some new one also here from time to time!
  2. Thank you for this! Great map, by the way. So do you have any idea why the letter is dated 1 January 1915, Bois Brûlé? You can find it here: http://www.imperialgermanmilitaria.com/index.php/photos/branch/infantry/84-7-garde-infanterie-regiment Please note the "Zum Erinnerung... 1915" on the upper left corner.
  3. Can we have a link, please? That would be helpful.
  4. By the way, check an interesting press report from this battle - http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/15591470#pstart1275276
  5. Dear All, I would appreciate help locating the 7 Garde-Infanterie-Regiment on 4 Jan 1915. I have a letter sent on this date and would like to describe the location of this unit (1 Bataillon). By the way - do I understand it correctly that 7GIR was created in 1915 from 2 Garde Ersatz Regiment? According to some sources the unit was created later during the war. Below is part of the letter, I guess this is Bois Brûlé (The Burned Forest). It however doesn't fit with information from Ruhmeshalle (page 79), saying that the unit was there from 6 October 1915 to 23 July 1916. Regards, Marcin
  6. Here is mine. Have more but I like this one. Anyone would be so kind to describe the awards? Regards, Marcin
  7. Haha, I am just watching Band of Brothers episode 7 now, Breaking Point, that's about the Luger.
  8. Sadly, I think less and less people collect German militaria now. Irrespective of the prices, I think the collecting society was just bigger few years ago. Some quit / died, and we have no new comers. By the way - where do you buy your stuff? Ebay only? I can't believe, there is so much crap there.
  9. Great, now I know more than I did in the morning today. I have more similar pictures, will post them in near future. By the way - is it possible to tell who was a pilot/observer in a specific plane, just having the plane number? Like one below?
  10. Alright then. Now I understand better - just need to know why we have "Ersatz" units, not regular abteilungs. So the one below is from Flieger Ersatz Abteilung Nr 13, right? I guess - a ground unit, as he is not an officer / no awards received. Regards from Warsaw! Marcin
  11. Thanks Alex. I understand that Flieger Bataillons were comprised of a number of Feldflieger Abteilungs (but how many, exactly?). Also, the number on the shoulderboards was assigned to Bataillon, and not Abteilung. I am guessing now, but no numbers were present on the officers' shoulderboards. As to the book you mean - hope it will be in English. Kind regards and thanks for your help. Marcin
  12. Dear All, I have a basic question regarding the aviation units from 1914-1918. Would someone be so kind to describe in three or more sentences what was the structure of the flying units in the Army? What was the idea of Flieger Abteilung / Flieger Bataillons / Feldflieger Ersatz Abteilung. Next - how to distinguish from one from another on the pictures? How to tell that what I can see is a ground unit (but still - from aviation unit), and not the flying team? Kind regards, Marcin
  13. Thank you! This is very, very helpful. I have found that in 1909 he was and Oberleutnant in HR11. He was also probably rewarded with Johanniter-Orden, but I have no details about it yet.
  14. Hi All, I would love to identify this one so I can put it on my website. Can anyone read the handwritten description of the picture? I would appreciate it much! Kind regards, Marcin
  15. Thank you, Dave. I will show you the picture as soon as I have it - it is signed by his son. Regards and - one again - thanks! Marcin
  16. Dear All, I would appreciate any information about Georg Ernst Müller Kranefeldt. He was born in 1859, died 19139. I know he was with Jager Regiment zu Pferde Nr 5. I hope to have a picture of him within few days (will share then!). Kind regards, Marcin
  17. Would you please tell us more about obtaining such files? Is it necessary to prove any relations with a person we are researching? Any fees involved? Thanks!
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