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  1. The next three posts will be different door or window signs that showed support for the WHW. These are all paper and look like they could have been glued to the window.
  2. Tom hit the nail on the head--it is a students items and is pub related. Most likely the crest and such are from the school he attended. MIke
  3. Was wondering if someone could ID the medals that went with this ribbon bar and is his ID traceable? Thanks, Mike
  4. I like the back--roughly translates--We Germans fear Gott but otherwise no one else in the world...
  5. [attachmentid=50037]As some of you may or may not know, I like to pick up WWI German patriotic items. I received this medal today and it is the first of it's kind I have seen or owned. Would like to see others if someone out there has one. Really like this one.. First off it looks like a lot of other Bismark related medals. Hope to see others, Mike
  6. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what these were for for. Thanks , Mike
  7. Well-here are some photos of what is in the book. We think it could be a book about their wedding and or child birth.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has any informattion on a Wolf von Eichhorn-Beleive he was an officer on the S.M.S. Nassau Appears to have been an Oberlentuant. Also a Carl von Horn-Generalmajor. I have want appears to be some sort of a diary from Wolf. Lots of telegrams and such-I can't read the old German script that well. Thanks for any help. MIke
  9. It is from Berlin (letters on the upper wings) -on the helmet is the number 13 and R.F.S.T. It is found on Testies book Tinnies of the Reich page 38 (in my volume). Anyone Know what R.F.S.T stands for. Also no date mentioned. Mike
  10. Thanks Rick for the quick relpy on the first one. Any idea's on the second one?? Mike
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