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  1. Here is a similar type of emblem with the eale and mine,but this one beloned to "Minensuchgruppe 1." a Luftwaffe "Mausi" unit that engaged in Minesweeping operations flying converted Ju 52's. Regards,Martin.
  2. This is a great photo Morten. I have been searching my references to try and find out as to what Flotille/ship this emblem belonged to. No luck yet. Cheers,Martin.
  3. I picked up another example of Schiffsstammabteilung 13. Nice portrait,nice price and dated on the reverse Dez 1938. Cheers,Martin.
  4. Hard to tell if it is one of the early type wound badges,even under magnification Kevin. Cheers,Martin.
  5. Hi guys, i am always on the lookout for old negatives and i found this 8x12.5 cm neg online. Went into the darkroom today and made this print.A nice well detailed portrait that shows the cloth Observer badge in wear along with the Black Wound badge and what appears to be a Spanish Cross. Cheers,Martin.
  6. Another family portrait with the Fleet and Minesweeper badges in wear.
  7. A nice family portrait here with the Fleet badge in wear. Cheers,Martin.
  8. Another of mine that shows the CA badge in wear. Regards,Martin.
  9. The lower badge could be a telephone operator's trade insignia and they appear to be Luftwaffe female auxiliaries,( Helferin ). A similar badge was worn by female auxiliaries of the Kriegsmarine,shown here. Cheers,Martin.
  10. If you "dig them out" please post them. Regards,Martin.
  11. A lot of Memorial Plaques there Mike. Very sad to see this loss to your family. Regards,Martin.
  12. Also during WWI my maternal grandmother,Lucy Ward worked in the munitions factory at Woolwich. This is not her badge but one i picked up as a commemorative to her "On War Service". Regards,Martin.
  13. Sadly,all i have of my maternal grandfather is this photo.He was in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment during WWI. His name is Charlie Ward and is standing center in the photo. I also have a photo of his brother,my great uncle George Ward who was in the R.A. Regards,Martin.
  14. Hi Guys, i am fortunate to have the medals of my paternal grandfather,J.H.Westley 66258,R.F.A - R.A. The Old Contemptibles badge is a recent addition as i was told by my father that he did have one. I have a couple of nice photo's of him also. Cheers,Martin.
  15. Fantastic Robin. A pleasure to see the "evolution". Just a great collection and i am glad to see your dedication to collecting these awards has paid off,so to speak. Regards,Martin.
  16. Lovely badges Jerry. I really like the NCO sleeve badge with the back plate. I've seen the pennants before,just great. Cheers,Martin.
  17. I signed up. I am fortunate that both my grandfathers and their brothers survived the war. My grandmother also.She worked in Woolwich Arsenal during the war. A good thing to support. Regards,Martin.
  18. Very Nice portrait. Have not found much myself lately,but always on the lookout. Regards,Martin.
  19. Outstanding collection Justin. Really nice pieces and great to hang on your walls too. Look forward to seeing your new additions. Regards,Martin.
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