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    Japanese diplomat, consul, ambassador ? who is he?


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    He is wearing court uniform for civil official.

    There were three highest subcategories of civil officials.

    Imperial appointees / 勅任官 / chokuninkan

    Non-Imperially appointed senior officials / 奏任官 / sōninkan

    Junior officials / 判任官 / hanninkan

    He is Sōninkan.

    Original line drawings for Sōninkan uniform.





    This is how it looks en personne.








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    The back of the photo reads 

    November 3, 1899 

    天長節撮影 - photographed at Emperor's Birthday 

    従六位 -  Junior Sixth Court Rank

    勲六等 - 6th class [order of] merit (so now we know that he is wearing 6th class sacred treasure order)

    伊谷脩 - Itani Osamu




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    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for having answered to my request... and beyond !! !!  with all these very useful complements about the hierarchy of the system of civil servants.

    Still another documentation to be carefully kept.



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    Chokuninkan, soninkan & hanninkan


    HI Nick,


    You had published some time already (2020) see above,  very interesting sketches on the uniforms of civilian personnel chokinkan and soninkan.

    Since that time, all the uniforms I’ve seen on sale are always called chokuninkan or soninkan uniforms and never hanninkan.

    Does that mean the uniforms for the soninkan and hanninkan are the same?

    I bought this picture of a chokuninkan a few years ago. I already saw this photo on your site, maybe it’s an old photo from your collection?

    But do you know who this ambassador is ?, who according to his decoration has probably been stationed in China and Belgium !

    in advance,

     thank you for your answer



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