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  1. Thanks for posting this uniform for me. Can you post Close-ups of his uniform. I love it. Kind regards Alex
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. Here another pic of Dickmann's group. Merry Christmas Alex
  3. It seems that he never been qualified as a pilot even after the war. It's a pitty that no one else write something to this awsome tunic with a great history. Keep it in honor. Kind regards Alex
  4. Thanks for the pics. Great uniform and badge. Kind regards Alex
  5. Hi Jan, imperial german navy aviation is not researched very well. There are some books that cover üarts of the navy aviation especially the units located in Flandern and the navy Jasta's. But maybe I could help you. I do research on this topic since moere than 10 years. Kind regards Alex
  6. Great tunic. Congratulation. You are a lucky guy. The history of this guy is awesome. Can you show some details of the French observer badge, including a picture of the reverse
  7. Maybe an admin can pin this thread. I think we have a lot of threads and the interest is unbroken. Kind regards Alex
  8. My last purchase. Group of FlMt Paul Dickmann from SFS Norderney and SFS List. See pilot badge awarded on 21.06.1918. Kind regards Alex
  9. Today I post a nice picture of members of the SFS Libau (Today Liepāja, Latvia) taken summer 1917 The names are mentioned on the picture: Marine-Oberingenieur Arthur Gäbler (leading ingeneer of the unit) Flugmaat Herbert Birk (observer) Leutnant z. S. Max Reinhard (observer) Oberleutnant z. S. Hubert Klein (pilot and leader of the unit) Leutnant d. R. M. A. Otto Peters (observer) Leutnant z. S. Heinrich Droege (pilot) Leutnant d. R. M. I. Johannes Arzt (pilot) Kind regards Alex
  10. Great Group. The fact that the guy was an Wuertemberger is not a disadvantage and don’t have any negative effects to the price. kind regard Alex
  11. Great group John. I love it. I saw this group on the last Bene Merenti auction. Congratulation to this historical purchase. The most exciting piece out of this group is without any doubt the last words written on a piece of paper moments before he died. At that time all of the crew knew that there will never come back home. But consider that he was awarded the "Verdienstmedaille" (merite medal) on the ribbon of the Karl-Friedrich-Verdienstmedaille not the MKFVM himself. This was the lower grade of merite award for enlisted men and NCO. It is that one not the MKFVM
  12. Two log books of Flugzeugobermatrose Heinrich Bracht. He was sent to the army for pilot training. After successful completion he returned to the navy (I. SFA) for further training. But he died short after on 24th Juli 1917. Kind regards Alex
  13. Körner is mentioned on the Serno reports as leader of FA 1. He took over the command of the unit in summer (Sep./Oct.) 1915. He was recalled to germany at the beginning of 1917 and died on 23 Jan. 1917 while a reconnaissance fllight. Olt. Croneiss follow him as Co of FA 1. Kind regards Alex
  14. Thanks for this great work. Very helpful. Here some improvement suggestions: Over the white ribbon for the life saving medal the english text is incorrect. Should be "Life saving 3rd time" Could you change the colour of the background to be in contrast to the white ribbons. It is hard to differ between Background and ribbon. Kind regards Alex
  15. It could be only Oberstabsarzt Dr. Johannes Krause: 28.02.1920 Char. als Marine-Generaloberarzt And his awards as listed on the 1918 navy Rangliste Roter Adler Orden 4.Kl. Eisernes Kreuz 2. Kl Eisernes Kreuz 1. Kl Oldenburg: Friedrich-August-Kreuz 2. Kl. Oldenburg: Friedrich-August-Kreuz 1. Kl. This two never been promoted to Marine-Generaloberarzt. Oberstabsarzt d.R. Prof.Dr. Paul Krause Stabsarzt d.R. Dr. Kurt Krause Kind regards Alex
  16. I thought the Godet no. 10 from your listing is the badge you posted for Fergus on post #8. So I miss the one I posted on post #5. Kind regards Alex
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