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  1. Despite the flood of fakes, I finally completed another section. Thanks to my german friend who hellped me 👍. Cheers
  2. Nobody? I would be really grateful for some confirmation. Cheers
  3. Sorry to hear that, Eric. Its frustrating how quick you can get swindle. Thankfully i"ve had a huge help from the start.
  4. Thanks Eric...patience...i waited for Mother Heroina almost three years. Big thanks to friend who hellped me.
  5. Few days ago, came this beauty, number 35141, Meljnik Vera Pavlovna
  6. Another set of Soviet awards is finally completed
  7. Thanks for help, here are some pictures, i hope they are good enough, but this is the best my camera can do.
  8. Im new one here, so first big hello to everyone. As i wrote in the title, i need some help with this medal...i researched many forums and sites, but still im not sure about originality. It looks like type 1. How can i upload pictures? They are 3.5 mega and everytime i tried to upload it says Error...cheers
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