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  1. I wanna share my latest addition to the collection. It is a temporary award document for an Order of the Red Star, awarded to Tzeva Mikhail Semenovich. I was not able to find anything of pamyat nor podwig naroda. Since he served in the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, his records wouldn't be accessible on both websites mentioned before. Translation: By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council USSR from April 30th 1946, for long and excellent service in the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Red Army you're being award with the Order of the Red Star. Deputy Head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Chernihiv Region. Skoryk Wish you all a great Sunday. Best regards, SovPha
  2. Got this nice bar with four medals - Medal For Bravery and Medal for Combat Merit. This bar belonged to one person but the record card got lost and the award booklet was sold separately. Two connection rings were probably replaced by the owner. I have already requested the record card (Учетная карточка) and will, of course, share the record card and the story behind these awards with you all. Medal For Bravery: #1813106 - 2nd half of 1944 #2449736 - 1945 Medal for Combat Merit: #2436030 - 1st half of 1945 #1648775 - 2nd half of 1944 I wish you all a great weekend.
  3. Hello everybody, I would like to share this completely safe 45mm shell and casing with you all. The casing was made in 1943, the shell is from 1945, and the fuse KTM-1 was produced in 1939. 45 mm anti-tank gun M1937 (53-K). KTM-1 fuse. Soviet 45 mm ammunition types.
  4. Hi, @Pierre73, Very nice docs. Thanks for sharing them with us. Do you collect any other Soviet era docs? Best regards, SovPha
  5. Would be awesome to see some other Berlin Soviet related documents, photographs, etc... Best regards, SovPha
  6. This day marks the end of world war 2. VtwinVince, lets not touch the political side.
  7. A nice complete Order of the Badge of Honour with the original suspension and ribbon. Best regards, SovPha
  8. Today 75 years ago, exactly at 23.01, the capitulation of Nazi Germany came into force. This document was also called "German Instrument of Surrender". A bloody war since 1939 came finally to an end. German version of the unconditional surrender. Russian version of the unconditional surrender. English version of the unconditional surrender.
  9. New addition to my collection - Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd class #734512. This OGPW was awarded to Major (Engineer) Kaplan Efim Yurievich (YOB 1909). Efim Yurievich joined the Red Army in 1935 - city Makeevka, Stalin Region "Donetsk", Ukrainian SSR. Efim Yurievich was the recipient of following awards listed below. 12/05/1943 Medal "For Military Merit" 01/05/1944 Medal "For the Defense of the Caucasus" 25/04/1945 Order of the Red Star 09/05/1945 Medal "For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." 19/06/1945 Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class 09/06/1945 Medal "For the Liberation of Warsaw" 26/10/1955 Order of the Red Banner 06/11/1945 Medal "For Military Merit" 15/11/1950 Order of the Red Star I was able to take a photo from the award booklet itself (The family sold most of the awards and kept the award booklet). Award list / Interesting fact: Efim Yurievich was awarded the OGPW 1st class but received the 2nd class. Translation: During the period of crossing the Oder River and the conquest of the bridgehead in its west bank, Comrade Kaplan, proved himself as extremely brave and courageous. During the period of crossing the river Oder (see map 21.04.1945 and 24.04.1945), he was continuously within the battery, giving instructions to the chauffeurs and providing practical assistance to them, he ensured that during this period not a single vehicle was out of order. Thereby giving the regiment the opportunity to clearly and timely cross over to the western bank of the Oder River. During the conquest and expansion of the bridgehead on the west bank of the Oder River, 12 vehicles were damaged by the enemy’s artillery fire on April 21st - April 24th, 1945. Comrade Kaplan and the auto repair shop arrived in battle formations of battery and all vehicles were restored during 3 days under enemy fire. For the courage and gallantry shown during the battles with the Nazi invaders when crossing the Oder River and conquering the bridgehead in its West Bank, and the clear organization of vehicle repairs in difficult combat situations, Comrade Kaplan deserves a government award - Patriotic War Order 1st class. Commander of the 288th fighter anti-tank artillery regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Rakovich May 6th, 1945. Operation plan from April 21st, 1945. Operation plan from April 24th, 1945.
  10. @OvBacon please remember that during the period of 4 years, Germans were killing in the entire former Soviet Union children, old people, mentally ill... Only in Belarus, over 5000 villages were destroyed. Minsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Voronezh, Leningrad, Stalingrad... were also almost wiped out. Please respect this post. P.S. Germans didn't respect anything when invading the former Soviet Union.
  11. Bardzo dziekuje, @PREM, I got tons of other docs which I try to post in close future. Best regards, SovPha
  12. Gratitude Certificate # 359 for taking Berlin awarded to Anna Ivanovna Vasileva on May 2nd, 1945. Award document for taking Berlin with the medal awarded to Lyahov Vladimir Aleksandrovich.
  13. Today 75 years ago the city of Berlin was taken by the Soviet army. Here is the original announcement of the Soviet Information Bureau about the surrender of the city of Berlin. https://xn--80abjd7bf.xn--80acgfbsl1azdqr.xn--p1ai/наша победа/информбюро/2 мая
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