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  1. Currently researching all three medal bars. I wish you all a great weekend .
  2. Hello GMIC members, Here we have an interesting document which confirmed that a soldier owned several medals and lost the documents + awards. Translation: Issued to Guards SGT. Ryazanov Nikolai Gerasimovich, confirming that he really has following awards: Medal "For the Capture of Budapest", Medal "For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945", Medal "For the Victory over Japan", and Medal "For the Liberation of Prague". Awards and documents are lost. Verified by the Head of HQ Unit 72481 Guards CPT. XXX. Best regards, SovPha
  3. Hello GMIC members, This is my 1st post in this awesome forum👌. I am sharing with you some of my war time guards badges. I will try to post more and more stuff in the next couple of days, weeks, and hopefully years🙂. Best regards, SovPha
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