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  1. ❗️❗️❗️SOMETHING MOST OF YOU WERE NOT EVEN AWARE OFF❗️❗️❗️ FACT: Did you know that during the Great Patriotic War 71 Mueller's, 22 Goering's, 45 Bormann's, many Manstein's, Hess's, and even Hitler, not Adolf, but Semyon Konstantinovich Hitler served in the Soviet Army? Please welcome today's hero Semyon Konstantinovich Hitler, who was born in 1922 in the Ukrainian SSR, Kamyanets-Podolsk region, Orininsky district. Nationality Jewish. Semyon Konstantinovich served as Heavy machine gunner of the 73rd separate machine gun battalion, Tiraspol Fortified Region, Se
  2. Hello, Eric. Very nice pieces. Did you research them all? Best regrads, SovPha
  3. A new addition to my Soviet civilian development/restoration campaign medals. The medal "For the Development of Virgin Lands" was instituted on October 20th, 1956, and awarded to 1345520 Soviet workers who helped to cultivate 36000000 hectares of previously uncultivated lands in Kazakhstan, Siberia, The Urals, the Volga area and the northern Caucasus for two solid years from 1954 - 1956.
  4. Very nice set. I love Soviet awards which were awarded to foreigners. Thank you for sharing it.
  5. Just got this awesome in almost mint condition Collimator sight VK-3L / 1954 from the local flea market.
  6. Hello, everybody! I would love to share something unique from my collection. This was document was issued to Roberts Miezis in the American zone of Berlin. Mr. Miezis was forced to work in Germany during the war and after a long time, he was able to return back home to Latvia. Br, SovPha
  7. Another beautiful and unresearched Type 2, Option 2, Variation 1 Medal "For Courage" #3066020.
  8. A new addition to my GSVG / Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Here something nice and not often seen. A Komandirskie (Commander / Chistopol) wristwatch which was ordered by the DOD of the Soviet Union. The reverse has an Interesting engraving: To Lieutenant Colonel Bublik V. I. from the commander of the GSVG - Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. 1971.
  9. Good evening, everybody! A new addition to my collection. A mint Medal "For the Tapping of the Subsoil and Expansion of the Petrochemical Complex of Western Siberia" / July 28th, 1978 / ca 38000 pieces. Best regards, SovPha
  10. Good evening, everybody! A new addition to my collection. A super mint Medal "For Transforming the Non-Black Earth of the RSFSR" / 30th September 1977 / ca 25000 pieces. Best regards, SovPha
  11. Good evening, everybody! I was able to save this unique East German banner given to a Soviet unit. 180 x 115. Patronage of the Soviet Army from the party veterans of the city Wesenberg. A nice review about the banner on my YouTube channel. Br, SovPha
  12. I wanna share my latest addition to the collection. It is a temporary award document for an Order of the Red Star, awarded to Tzeva Mikhail Semenovich. I was not able to find anything of pamyat nor podwig naroda. Since he served in the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, his records wouldn't be accessible on both websites mentioned before. Translation: By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council USSR from April 30th 1946, for long and excellent service in the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Red Army you're being award with the Order of the Red S
  13. Got this nice bar with four medals - Medal For Bravery and Medal for Combat Merit. This bar belonged to one person but the record card got lost and the award booklet was sold separately. Two connection rings were probably replaced by the owner. I have already requested the record card (Учетная карточка) and will, of course, share the record card and the story behind these awards with you all. Medal For Bravery: #1813106 - 2nd half of 1944 #2449736 - 1945 Medal for Combat Merit: #2436030 - 1st half of 1945 #1648775 - 2nd half of 1944 I wish you all a great weekend.
  14. Hello everybody, I would like to share this completely safe 45mm shell and casing with you all. The casing was made in 1943, the shell is from 1945, and the fuse KTM-1 was produced in 1939. 45 mm anti-tank gun M1937 (53-K). KTM-1 fuse. Soviet 45 mm ammunition types.
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