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  1. Hi Claudius - this one would be interesting for us (Iron Cross Magazine). Would you be able to email me a high-res photo (front only) - if possible on a light background? robin.schaefer(AT)warnersgroup.co.uk - I will reply via email. Hi there, is it possible to get a higher-res version of that photo? We would like to publish this in ICM9 - Would you be able to email me a high-res photo (front only) - if possible on a light background? robin.schaefer(AT)warnersgroup.co.uk - I will reply via email. Danke!! Hi all, thanks for the great feedback so far, maybe it should be added that the bar photos are meant to be for publication in an article on the German state award system in Iron Cross Magazine Issue No. 9 (30 June). I would be delighted if you could email me possible bar photos to: robin.schaefer(AT)warnersgroup.co.uk - I will reply via email. Danke!! The lovely Christophe Déruelle has already been so kind to share some photos of wonderful pieces with us, but we could still do with a few more sample bars. Photos should be high-res and please also let me know how you would like to be credited.
  2. Hi Christophe, this is MOST fascinating and very much appreciated. Thanks a lot! I am very grateful indeed and much impressed as well.
  3. Fantastic piece with a wonderful, warm dedication by some very proud and loving parents. Wunderbar.
  4. Hi - anyone with access to the regimental history of RIR81 with info on how Vzfw. Friedrich Stöcker (formerly IR112) won his Golden MVK on 17 September 1918? Any info would be appreciated! Danke und Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, Anyone able to shed light on the identity of this, quite highly decorated Saxon pilot? A leading Saxon aviation historian was unable to do so, but I have still not quite given up - I am sure I have seen his face before somewhere. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt! Thanks a lot
  6. Auf die schnelle... Meiner lieben, kleinen Sanni als erstes sollst Du, mein liebes Maedel, dieses Foto erhalten zum Zeichen, dass ich noch viel an dich denke und Dich auch recht von Herzen lieb hab ------- ----- [?] Dein Hermann Oblt Hermann Schueckinger (mit Umlaut) zur Zeit Bad Toelz
  7. Gentlemen, I have only just been able to catch up with all the great posts in here and this one in particular has caught my eye. Thank you very much for the great feedback Hucks. I will surely pass this on. Much appreciated!!
  8. Indeed sold out. Only available as on-demand print from now on.
  9. Hi Andy, ersteinmal schoene Gruesse in meine Heimatstadt Essen und in mein geliebtes Ruhrgebiet! But that aside, you can order single issues via our website. But I have just sent you a PM so we can sort this out. Best regards Rob Historical Editor, ICM
  10. Just FYI Should you (anyone) be interested to write for Iron Cross Magazine, if you have an idea for feature and if you think we might be interested in it, feel free to drop us an email! Either to me: robin.schaefer@warnersgroup.co.uk (historical editor), or to the Admiral-General-Feldmarschall-Editor in Chief himself: andy.saunders@warnersgroup.co.uk. Thanks for your interest! Rob
  11. I am glad you like it! Hard at work on Issue 7 atm!
  12. In December we'll have Marc with the Panzerkampfabzeichen!
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