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  1. https://meshok.net/?opt=3&related=знак+Заслуженный+работник+НКВД+3029 https://meshok.net/item/208718452_НКВД_новодел_3029
  2. "Seeheld" and Mr. Krause - to my shame, I do not even know where it is, who it is, in what place to be interested. I believed that the issue of the number of awards given out is one of the top priorities when discussing awards, along with the metal, types, order of presentation and completion, etc.on any websites of any country. Unfortunately, this issue has never been considered in the domestic forums known to me.
  3. I came across another cannon cross, but also without an inscription and with a ring not related to my family
  4. At the initial introduction of the badge (order of the RVS of the USSR of January 6, 1925 No. 6), it was only copper (brass). Then, by order of the RVS of the USSR of February 21, 1925, No. 206, a detailed description of the waist belt and badge was announced. At the same time, it was said that the plaques for the RKKF floating parts are yellow (polished), and for the other parts - white (silver-plated).Plaques for war, as a rule, have worn-off corners (octagon), a hook under the right hand, the anchor paws are small and strongly curved. But on the battlefields, I found even without worn-out c
  5. there was a time in history when there were no books at all, and knowledge had to be obtained by ourselves, as in this case. And the number I roughly considered, broken down by the number of the Melenyur regiments, minus the dead, and with some allowance for the awards of other regiments and those involved in the war. But taking into account the fact that the award was hardly universal, since the cross is still for merit, and not for being in the army. The Prussian Iron Cross, an analogue of the Mecklenburg Cross, was not awarded to everyone. The 17th Artillery Brigade consisted of a r
  6. sorry, the above link requires registration on aite. Is there any information on the circulation of models 1 and 2? I came across information about the presentation of awards of other lands in Prussian regiments, including awards of Mecklenburg, in the amount of one to three per regiment, mostly two. Data on individual regiment awards: Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment №1. Tsar Alexander Guards Grenadier Regiment No. 1. Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71: 9 EK-I, 263 EK-2, 70 Russian awards, 5 Saxon awards, 2 Mecklenburg, 1 Oldenburg
  7. I don't know, it goes through local auctions for $ 200, but it's too painful to replace the tablet interesting, it seems not that, and the dating is observed
  8. but the funny thing is that it was the cross shown at the beginning of the topic that was found in a river in the middle of Russia ))) if only he could talk!
  9. here is this cross on one of the Russian forums recorded in bullshit, but for some reason it does not seem so to me
  10. and, by the way, after looking at many sites on the Internet, I did not find a large number of good images of the Mecklenburg cross of 1870, and in total I found a little more than ten. so I don't even have the opportunity to compare the pictures.
  11. https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/medals/made-victoria-cross.html?fbclid=IwAR13yLUFsTUDZ35X2UcrY8tbxhMk5519G-UnTgQTbC6RSDj2R1KfN98SdE8 Not about the Germans, but about the metal of awards and the metal of guns ))) But then it is easier to study the gun metal of more common awards than the Mecklenburg cross-the same medals of 1870-1871, the Italian medals for the First World War. And to break out pieces from such awards as the army crosses of 1813-1814 or this one-I personally feel sorry. And once, by the way, I decided to solder the ear to the Romani
  12. Я вставляю текст на английском языке, но, по-видимому, встроенная настройка просмотра сайта позволяет конвертировать его обратно на русский язык перед отправкой. и я не могу перепроверить, потому что сайты автоматически переводятся. нет, края чистые.
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