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  1. защита Родины-это не "рабский труд". Да, это тяжелая работа, но защищать Родину от европейской "цивилизации"было необходимо. Мы выгнали тебя в 1918-1921 годах, и ты снова вернулся. Русские должны были взять Берлин. )
  2. the garbage is in your head, not knowledge. it was not "rabble" who were sent to penal companies and penal battalions at military units, but soldiers and officers who had committed crimes of minor and medium gravity, while the usual regulations of the Soviet Army operated in them without any sophistication shown in films about penal units of Europe and the United States. Barrage detachments were not used, the period of stay was no more than three months, often there was not even participation in battles. Officers (permanent staff) are ordinary.
  3. low-quality casting, fake. however, if you want to, then convince yourself that this is such a private performance. The main thing is that you like it. The medal is so widespread that finding a problem-free one is not a problem. http://medalirus.ru/pamyatnie-medali/pamyat-300-dom-romanovyh-s.php http://medalirus.ru/pamyatnie-medali/pamyat-300-dom-romanovyh.php and, it should be noted, for your comfort, that the state medal is bronze, absolutely all silver is the parrot attempts of the awarded or dealers from faleristics. Choose the option that suits you )))
  4. After dinner, a soldier sat down with them and offered to do phlegmon and blood poisoning for five crowns. He has a hypodermic syringe with him, and he can inject kerosene into their leg or arm.[33] After that, they will lie for at least two months, and if they wet the wound with saliva, then for the whole six months, and they will have to be completely released from military service.
The big man, who had lost all mental balance, went with the soldier to the toilet to inject kerosene under his skin. "This is a proven means to get to the hospital. However, it often gives out the smell of kerosene remaining in the tumor. Gasoline is better, because it evaporates faster. Later, the soldiers injected themselves with a mixture of ether and gasoline; even later, they achieved other improvements. (Note. the author.)" Gashek "Adventures of the brave soldier Schweik"
  5. VOHR is a civil guard with a weapon, often, as they are called in Russia, "starper" - an old fart. Therefore, compliance with the form is only nominal, they will recognize you as a vohrovets, and that's good, there is a cap - and that's enough )
  6. what kind of belt was on that vohrovets and wore, but most often the source is a soldier's belt - canvas or later brown.
  7. Small "kriegs" are found, but officially they are 39mm. it is unknown who made the "babies" and why. versions can be sketched, but all this will be without documentary confirmation
  8. He began serving in 1946 or 1947, he was not awarded any awards, only jubilee medals and seniority.
  9. The size is unclear. If 40 mm, then a good private trader, but, apparently, the medal is small.
  10. With such an " ear "it is definitely secondary, but the fact is that it is interesting to mount the "ear" on the "hangers". But in any case, the photos are very bad.
  11. take clear photos, cut off the excess background. nothing is visible, small and vague. as they say - " worse photos-more opinions"
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