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    Colonel-major SAWADOGO Oumarou Le colonel BATIONO Général de Brigade Moise Miningou
  2. ilja559

    Republic of Ghana

    Order of the Volta
  3. Michelle Bachelet awarded with Collar of the Order San Lorenzo Lula Da Silva
  4. ilja559


    Bibaye Itandas Celestin Embinga
  5. Ministry of Defense Medal "For participating in a military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945."
  6. I find here Dolmage name. May be the same man https://www.autographauctions.co.uk/0113-lot-238-HISTORICAL-A-red-leather-hardbound-small-4to-album-containing-over-150-signatures-signed-clipped-p?ipp=10&auction_id=&view=lot_detail
  7. Military Order of Savoy, Order of Saints Mauritius and Lazarus, Order of the Crown of Italy
  8. Nice group with some documents. Is it possible to research ?
  9. ilja559


    Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kangnaja with unknown Police medals
  10. ilja559


    Major General Dennis Sitali Alibuzwi Major General Kapotwe Chintu Major General Dennis Sitali Alibuzwi
  11. ilja559


    Former Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General Wisdom Lopa (on the left) with new medals. Sorry for small photo Major General David Muma
  12. Zambia’s President Banda presents Brazilian counterpart da Silva the Order of the Eagle of Zambia in Lusaka
  13. ilja559


    Defense Force 40th Anniversary Medal
  14. Armed Forces Commendation Medal
  15. ilja559

    Malawi Medals

    Defence Force Commanders Medal
  16. ilja559


    Operation Ngwenya Medal Operation Hyena Medal Operation Zebra Medal
  17. ilja559


    Operation Ingwee Medal Defence Force Foreign Co-operation Medal Operation Safeguard Medal
  18. ilja559


    United Nations medal Operation Bandits Nest Medal Operation Impala Medal
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