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  1. Thank you, I did try them but I suspect it was the uk branch, it said no stock if memory serves me right
  2. Thanks for the info, unfortunately a search seems to indicate that no-one has it available unfortunately. whilst on the subject, looking through the list of decorations provided by speedytop, it lists "Tunisian House order" it's a bit vague, could this be the "Nishan ud-Dam - Husainid Family order" by any chance? regards
  3. Hi thanks for the images, that grand cross looks very interesting, out of curiosity, was there an equivalent breast star with crossed swords and sceptre? regards
  4. The mind boggles, actually I've noticed that any images of Bismarck wearing his decorations be that photographs or portrait paintings appear to be as rare as hen's teeth, (unless I'm on a different planet), the higher resolution copy list kindly posted by Speedytop shows an ordenspange, after much search I've located two images, one very poor where he is actually wearing one, they differ from the one on the list, quality is to poor for me to fully identify what's on them, anyone guess? In the two images I posted the medal bar appears to be the same, with at least 2 more medals regards
  5. Hi speedytop, thanks for the quick reply and readable copy, much appreciated, regards
  6. Hi all, interesting thread (For me) does anyone perhaps have a higher resolution (Readable) copy of this? regards Alex K edit hi, don't quite know why it's decided to multiply itself! (edited by speedytop)
  7. Hi, Very nice, made by "Gebruder Huguenin" particularly with the case regards Alex K
  8. Hi Claudius, glad to hear there is someone else that attaches ribbons to medals that come without one, I thought I was the only one!, as you say, they came with one, and in my opinion are not complete without one
  9. Just another update, another one with the garter, not a star but allied to one, nice mini, owned by Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria, Royal collection I assume
  10. You could quite probably correct, I was working from memory, maybe a privately made piece, based on quality, I wonder if the official piece followed a similar design, I assume there was one. Regards
  11. Just to update the thread, was having a rummage on my hard-drive and came across this, not a star but the complimentary badge for the Anhalt Order of Albrecht the Bear, from the British Royal collection trust I think
  12. Yes I fully accept that they were in not official and were available for those who felt the 40mm version was the "official" size, and being too large, that being so, the smaller versions were available at the time so are in my opinion a valid addition to the collector, regards
  13. Good guess then😀 Star below, saxe-ernerstine house order grand cross, (Saxony)?
  14. Hi, guessing, not too dissimilar to the Portuguese order of Christ, regards
  15. Hi just spotted, your message, thanks exactly what I was looking for, thanks, regards
  16. Hi Thank for the details, I'll have a scour through their archives to see if I can find it regards Alex
  17. Hi Thanks for the update on my early version, nice to know, would I be right in assuming that the ribbon would at that time have of a yellow/orange hue than the red currently shown? regards Alex a couple of more pictures, the stamping is difficult to photo!
  18. Yes I spotted that it doesn't have the sparkle, the others have, perhaps a one off private purchase, or a fake, who knows, pity I don't have a shot of the reverse
  19. Hi, yes the one I posted is from the omsa site, it looked "official", the link is just what I was looking for, an amazing and rare set, thanks, with regards to the sash badge I've read that at around the begining of ww1 that the crown itself was dropped from all grades, I assume the GK was the same, perhaps I'm wrong, or pre-war awards kept the crown, after that awards were made minus the crown, taz, thanks for your additional input also, best regards, alex
  20. Hi Taz, thanks for the information, yes it all helps, one additional question, the cross you posted appears to be a cloth type for sewing to the uniform, attached is the sash, currently on a dealers site, together with a "Type 3?" breast badge, what would have been attached to the sash, I assume there was something regards
  21. Hi Does anyone have any information regarding the Grand Cross of the order, it is mentioned in numerous places but whilst I've seen images of the Sash, and lower grades, I can't locate any details on the Grand cross, Did it exist? it states that very few were awarded, so is obviously rare, any details photo'd and dimensions etc appreciated regards
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