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  1. I'm envious. was the 'bog off' by chance given by a certain northern moody redhead?
  2. Cheers. Whats their current value?
  3. The photos are too blurred to put on the Forum. I've looked at it through a glass and it is 'Z4' It cost me ?26. Can you tell me anything about it? I no nothing about these! John
  4. Hi Dave. Thanks for responding. It seems to have a "Z4" or "L4" on the ring. I 'll see if will come up on a photo. Standby. John
  5. I recently got this , and the reverse is in very nice condition, but the obverse is quite scratched. I am loath to paint it, or 'restore' it, but would like to clean it up a bit, without ruining it. Any ideas?
  6. I now have this nice Italian Helmet. These seem to be cheap, but I imagine that will change when Italy comes to terms with the war.
  7. Laurence, Ref you 're drilling rig.... Are you sure that contraption isn't a modern U-boat? Two weeks on, one off... up periscope! John
  8. Hi Gordon. Fascinating posts. What was the criteria for the award of the U-Boat Badge? John
  9. John

    P-38 byf 43

    It certainly does, always in days gone by, because no one gave a stuff. I had a great uncle once, who had served in RAC in North Africa , during the war. His reletives used to moan about him getting p*ssed, and then talk about it. How ungreatful. It used to make me so angry. Yet, they still enjoyed the freedom that he gave them...... flame
  10. John

    P-38 byf 43

    Hi, Its in very good condition. Any history behind this particular one? I'd love to know when, where, from, etc
  11. Hi all. Some very nice posts. I do like the idea of a memorial cross. i believe the New Zealand forces still do it too. We should do something similar in UK. But then , our successive governments have never looked after its Forces. Its makes my blood boil. flame The Canadian cross is particularly nice. John
  12. Any idea what their load capacity was ?
  13. Hi, I must admit , I haven't seen this one before, but it loks typicall era. there are several types in the same style which are usually small German helmets used for ash trays....
  14. Hi Coastie, Interesting about the NASA awards. Can you tell us more? John
  15. Hi Scott. Remind me not to come to yours for Sunday roast!
  16. Mr Wasp, Most of the people you 've mentioned here have a better write up than Beharry. The media didn't print much either. I remember after the Falklands Campaign, when Jones & Mckay were to be awarded the VC, it was front page news for a week, and you coudn't get it off the television. Its sad, really, it appears to have been devalued . I can't see it going for a quarter of a million ounds at Spink.
  17. Bit of a beast. Whats the big gun on it?
  18. Excellent Mr Firefly. Its in service still all over the world. It was superceded in Russia mostly by the BMP and BTR series. wub.gif
  19. I agree. This is a Gentleman's Forum. There are other forums available that may cater better for your interests.
  20. Looks very 'Iron Claddish' to me.....
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