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  1. Sweet! Nice to see state awards in this forum! I'm kind of limited on that side, they can't be exported.
  2. WOW! The national war museum should be so lucky to have such a collection! Outstanding!
  3. Now THAT is what I call a researched award! OUTSTANDING! Thanks for sharing!
  4. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Maistre
  5. Nice detailing considering the size...
  6. Our army general officers have already returned to the maple leaves but all other officer ranks remain with the pips and crowns. Our army generals did retain the red lapels but also brought back the single large gold band on the lower arm with no extra smaller bands like the RCN or RCAF.
  7. One of the surprising changes, "Excellent Militia" is now "Excellent Police". I guess in an effort to part from the old guard...?
  8. Breast badge of the Presidential regiment. Not the expected white tin but actual heavy metal quality construction. I was quite surprised. Many variations exist from veterans' organizations with Soviet awards on the rectangular block. One variation has the red cross of Kremlin guards on the rectangular block with the numerals "80" superimposed on the star of the shield. I've seen it worn but have yet to find a service order for it.
  9. Apologies, the Decoration "Participant in Combat Operations" (Нагрудный знак «Участник боевых действий») is still awarded. The 2013 order annulled it's 2000 creation order but the 2012 Order confirmed its active standing. Sorry for the temporary confusion.
  10. Great job! IMHO, the top one of Rudolf Witzig is as good as an original colour shot!
  11. Beautiful! I love those European minis on gold chains.
  12. Abrogated medals - no longer awarded by the MVD Medal "For Merit in the Activities of Special Units" (Медаль «За заслуги в деятельности специальных подразделений») Medal "For Bravery in a Fire" (Медаль «За Отвагу На Пожаре») Medal "For Merit in Aviation" (Медаль «За Заслуги в Авиации») Medal "For Merit in Management Activities" 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes (Медаль «За Заслуги в управленческой деятельности» I, II и III степени) Medal "200 Years of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" (Медаль «200 Лет Министерство Внутренних ДЕЛ») Medal "70 Years of the Economic Security U
  13. Ministerial orders 989 of October 31, 2012 and 602 of August 6, 2013 have completely reformed MVD awards. The earlier creating new awards, the latter abrogating the older ones. The current medals of the MVD of Russia are: Medal "For Valour In Service" (Медаль «За Доблесть В Службе») Medal "For Military Valour" (Медаль «За Воинскую Доблесть») Medal "For Explosives Disposal" (Медаль «За разминирование») Medal "For Courage During a Rescue" (Медаль «За смелость во имя спасения») Medal "For Merit in Service in Special Circumstances" (Медаль «За заслуги в службе в особ
  14. Yup! Order-of-precedence-Min-Def-Russia 2015.docx
  15. Thanks, but it only covers the order of precedence for state awards of the RF. As I stated in the original post I already have that, I also have it for EMRCOM (МЧС) and the FSB (ФСБ), I need it for the ministry of defense (Минобороны).
  16. I've found the order of precedence for state awards of the RF, for the ministry of Emergency situations, for the FSB... But I'll be danged if I can find the one for the defense ministry! They usually list the order of precedence in the quite long ministerial orders detailing uniforms, patches etc. but stop 1/3 of the way down the list with this quite irritating paragraph: "The rest of the medals of the Ministry of Defense are worn in the sequence according to the Heraldic Register of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, maintained by the Military Heraldry Service of the Armed Fo
  17. Here's a thought, could it perhaps identify a particular course serial, school or unit? CI 18 ? The oversized X might denote the actual beginning of the number? I know I in Russian is и but heh...
  18. You're not confused, I just rechecked the ministerial order just to make sure, the ribbon shown in the image in the original post is the proper one.
  19. Medal "For the Liberation of Palmyra" First real one I find.
  20. The Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal should be worn after the Iraq Campaign Medal and before other campaign medals related to the Global War on Terrorism, such as the GWOTEM and Afghanistan Campaign Medal.
  21. Well for what it's worth, here's one. Now to move 90 some other medals down one peg in my USA frame...
  22. The Russian Defense MInistry already has them beaten 3+ to 1...
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