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  1. They said it would outright replace the medals for participation in individual exercises but I guess not... Medal "Joint Strategic Exercise - Union Shield 2015" Medal "Strategic Command-Staff Exercise - Centre 2015"
  2. They're popping these things out like popcorn... The para ones are possibly from the organization of airborne veterans. Anything airborne or naval themed has a huge following in Russia.
  3. First photos I find of the actual awards. Not the most attractive Russian awards to date, that's for sure.
  4. Sorry for the small size. First actual photo I find.
  5. The Commemorative badge "100 Years of Air Defense" was established on November 14, 2014 by ministerial order 828. Oddly, it was abolished after barely nine months by ministerial order 470 of August 1, 2015. It was awarded to military and civilian personnel of the Air Force who have served (have worked) in Aerospace Defence Forces for at least 20 calendar years, for personal contribution to the development of Russian air defences, for high performance in service; may also be awarded to other personnel, in the reserves or retired, who previously served in the Air Force, Air Defence Forces
  6. Decoration "For Service in Military Intelligence in Airborne Troops". Established on October 14, 2014 by ministerial order 740. More info when text of order is found, photo to come ASAP.
  7. Decoration "Submariner-Hydronaut" Established by ministerial order 595 in 2015, exact date to be confirmed, text not yet found. Photos of award to come ASAP. Commemorative Badge "50 Years of the General Directorate for Deep-Sea Research". Established by ministerial order 600 in 2015. Exact date and text to follow with photo.
  8. Prob is gents, it is illegal to export Russian state awards, that's why you mostly only see ministerial or departmental level awards on the western market. When you do see a state award, seriously question its authenticity unless from a reputable dealer/auction house with full provenance (docs).
  9. The establishment order has surfaced: Order of the Minister of defense of the Russian Federation № 732 dated 30 November 2015. Awarded to military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: for excellence, courage and selflessness, displayed during military operations in the Arab Republic of Syria; for the successful management of the actions of subordinates in carrying out military operations in the Arab Republic of Syria; for selfless work and great personal contribution in the performance of tasks during military operations in the Arab Republic of Syria.
  10. I just found this one this very morning on auction in Russia and immediately ordered it... Haven't seen another yet. Will let you know.
  11. New medal of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation "Participant in military operations in Syria".
  12. Once again global warming let's me down... :( It's snowing... :mad:

  13. A new decoration from the Defence Ministry. Decoration "Participant in demining in the Chechen Republic and in the Republic of Ingushetia" Awarded to members of the Armed Forces for displaying dedication, courage and bravery, professionalism in the performance of assigned tasks in the detection and neutralization of explosive ordnance in Chechnya and Ingushetia; for direct participation in the organization and control of these tasks. 18 November 2015 - Under the auspices of the chief of Engineering troops of the Southern Military District, Major-General Konstantin Smechko,
  14. " an old school English Gentleman a dying breed that are irreplaceable. " Absolutely spot on my friend. A powerful and wonderful presence that I miss so...
  15. TacHel

    Need a part...

    I need your help... I'm missing this clasp (loop) afixing the commander's neck badge to the cravate... By some miracle, would anybody have such a part for sale lying at the bottom of an old drawer?
  16. Thanks... Same for the 50th anniversary of the railroads? Royal cypher on obverse?
  17. Here's a stupid question... Is it mounted backwards? Should the crown and lightning bolts be the obverse?
  18. Same basic design but with star at center.
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