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  1. Hi Uwe, I waited till I received my reply about whether DRA badges are or should be mostly original, and I looked at some other prices at some dealer sites, and took a chance and bid for them. My German is sadly not as good as it once was in my youth, but here is the description from the seller - Einmal in Gold mit dem Hersteller Hofjuwelier,Eugen Marcus und in Bronce mit dem Herst.H.Wernstein L?bstedt+DRGM.
  2. Hi Uwe, I'm new at collecting in general and collecting sports badges in particular, so assumingt they are genuine, would the DRA gold and DRA bronze that I bought for 51 euros be a good or not so good price?
  3. Thank you Tom and militaria! Militaria, do you think it was given to someone for their charity work?
  4. Check this out! I found it on a Berlin auction house catalog, does anyone know why this particular medal is so rare/exclusive to justify a starting price of 40,000 euros? I tried to upload the photos here but they won't fit so here is a link: To save people time, I've removed the link & I've uploaded the images for you (see below). Cheers Don 40,000 euros seems like a lot of money to me! Is it a one off or a special award of some sorts?
  5. Does anybody know anything about this award at all? Tombak, "HCH. Timm, Berlin C 19", c1910
  6. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place for this! Is there much of a market in fake sports badges that anyone knows of? Specifically the first model, the DRA type? Even the later DRL types, or at least the first one, 33-37 with no swastika, or would it be reasonable to think that most are legit? Thanking you!
  7. Hi Joe, and thanks for your time! I had a budget of 100 euros for this particular item, but it ended up going for about 130. It was tempting to keep bidding, but I must show some restraint! I will try to find those books you mentioned. Thanks again!
  8. Good evening gentlemen, as I am still learning about Imperial EKs, I was wondering if I could ask any of you how this one looks to you, I notice the box looks different to the other photos posted by Kev in deva, and the ribbon is placed in a different part of the box compared to the 1870 one, and also lying the opposite way in the box compared to the 1870 one - Thanks for any advice!
  9. When Hitler created the grade of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, why didn't he just use the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross as the highest grade of EK? Why was there a need to make a new high grade of the EK?
  10. Have you had dealings with this seller before Don? Paddy has been educating me on the value of Mr Niemann's COA, but I'm still a babe in the woods in the militaria field. The auction finishes soon, so I've kept a copy of the photo - the file is too big for the GMIC site so here is a link if anyone wants to see it: http://www.feldpost.tv/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1849
  11. Here is one for sale at Gunbroker.com http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem....m=76860111#DESC $988 US and Mr Detlev Niemann is mentioned as a reference for the price! Claimed to be Portugese silver badge, I don't know anything about them, but I thought someone here may have an idea about it's autheniticity?
  12. I noticed that in the eight pages(!) that you and others had said you knew who the 'bent' dealers may have been, and I think I read about a RKT selling his RK twice, why can't you say who they are on these pages? Is it a legal thing? Would it leave you open to a possible law battle? Once again, I freely acknowledge my 'innocence' in regards to this side of collecting, but isn't a 'name and shame' policy possible?
  13. Wow! I have just spent an hour and a half reading all eight pages - whew! I most certainly am not an authority on any award, just an interested novice, and after reading this thread I now know just how much of a novice I am! I certainly don't profess to understand everything that has been posted here, but I am much the better for reading all of this. Thank you all for your most illuminating posts on the mighty RK! It has just made me all the more curious about all aspects of collecting German militaria. My own collection is very tiny, having only just started, but it's good to know that there
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