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  1. Somebody have infirmation about Francis Charles TIBBS, MBE, Gunner (T) , Royal Navy from HMS Onslow , for convoy JW51B - MID (31/12/1942) and from russians - Order of Red Star .
  2. Nice cross ! But ... Private wark 1917-1920 . May-be silver . ( I cannot to see ! ) Send please the big pictures on my e-mail & I'll can to talk more ************************************* Z.b. "My" cross of M.2/051800 Serjeant-Major Timothy Crawley, Army Service Corps (attached No. 5 Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Army Medical Corps)
  3. This group from my collection. Some of my friends help me with my Research ! ******************************************************* Can you help me with this cross ? http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=1609
  4. And ... From Deutscher Ordens Almanach 1909 Seite 47 Somebody know some about this Regiment in 1870-71 ?
  5. From Russian archive - cross #29950 receive serjeant Christoph Balzer from Guards Field Artillery Regiment
  6. If you can't to help me hier http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=1609 Awards of Christoph Balzer
  7. Peter von Colomb ************************************************* Somebody know something about "my" Graf Carl von Morstein ?
  8. Ferdinand Karl August von SYDOW - receive St. George Order 5th class for Napoleonic War too .
  9. Roll of ALL 1950 Preussische soldiers and ofizieren, who was receive st. George order 5th class . This roll was send in 1821 y. from Berlin to Sankt-Petersburg . Now in Russian military archive !
  10. I need information about Carl von Morstein In 1816 - Unter-Ofizier and in 1821 - 2nd leutenant of 1st Preusien Artillery Brigade This Graf receive from Russians this Order of St. George 5th class - Hl. Georgische kreuz
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