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  1. Here is another picture of a battle hardened group. Here is another that was waiting for me in the mailbox. Joel
  2. I concur. It is a beautiful Cross by the way Joel !
  3. Chris, I love your documents! I too, have one coming soon and will be happy to share? Regards, Joel
  4. Tony, No doubt.. LOL Or, could it be a large sleeve surrounding a bundle of grenades? Interesting none the less
  5. Gents, Here is another recent arrival from the Vaterland. Curious as to know what is in the right soldier's hand? Joel
  6. Erwin, I thank you so much for posting your picture. I too, find their helmet covers intriguing and certainly without a doubt, their expressions alone confirm combat experience. Joel
  7. Gents, Sorry that I have been away for so long. Here is another interesting picture that has made its way to me.
  8. Im in awe! What an incredible collection. I miss my 1866/70 medal bar with the Nassau medal.
  9. Matthew, I thank you for your interest. This medal is 48mm in diameter. I agree it looks as though a previous owner has applied a small amount of solder to attach the ribbon.
  10. Joe, I apprecitate your clarification and duly noted. Thank you very much. Regards, Joel
  11. Bill, My apologies on not responding earlier. I thank you so much for your useful information and will definitely check into obtaining a copy of the book you have mentioned. Regards, Joel
  12. Tony, I like your post! And so to the others whom carried the torch in keeping this thread alive, thank you! I have been long overdue in owning my end of the bargain in posting some more. Regards, Joel
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