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  1. I was asking in differents forums frequently about this second volume(1919/1945) of cap tallies and finally I give up...I don,t know why the "fathers"of first volume never decide make the second one...
  2. Thanks Odulf, Larry and Morten for keep this thread alive and kickingπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  3. What an amazing thread that I didn, t see until Morten told me and so here is my small contribution to this KA thread 😒
  4. Dear Gents I want to refresh this thread posting my few KM pics with tallies on wear,may be any was is posted before but may be has gone when closed some platform to upload images Happy to sharing Fernando
  5. Thanks Odulf for your kindly and quickly input, apart if would be possible you or someone add a pic from same cap but with Kriegsmarine devices or a cap itself (no pic on wear)? πŸ€”
  6. Hi Gents I would like to know if sailors from this pic were wearing this type of cap for usuing only on board made in white thick fabric and please Im curious to see this kind of cap on period pics,I attatched a book example in order you know what cap I wanted to see on wear? Thanks in advance and all the best from Spain in this difficult time by COVID 19 Fernando maybe in these 2 pics could we find this cap for only duty on board?😯 Thanks for posting more examples if you have even for the cap itself if you own any
  7. Hi Can we difference SUB badges period,I mean if they are current or past? Can someone pics to see them? I would like to know period from this one but Im afraid I have only this poor pic
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