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  1. Hi Can we difference SUB badges period,I mean if they are current or past? Can someone pics to see them? I would like to know period from this one but Im afraid I have only this poor pic
  2. Anybody has pic from her...? I own the tally and so Nice pic nesredep!!!
  3. Has anyone any pic wearing cap tally from ZESTÖRER Wilhelm Heidkamp to show here? Thanks
  4. Dear friends Any info about this eagle,measure:2"(50mm aprox.)period and branch,price aprox... subir fotos gratis subirimagenes Thanks
  5. I mean than if in your whole life as km collector anyone from you saw tellermütze and too periods pics from sailors wearing extra or unofficial insignia or symbols added on his Tellermütze as examples I posted. I know this was unusual but how rare were them and no under regulations? Thanks
  6. Apart NDL badge what do you think about another Unofficial symbol on tellermütze have you ever been and you consider as possible thing for diferents purposal? Thanks Fernando
  7. Dear Gents I knew than many uboat men,etc did use to wear unofficial symbol or insignias on their bordmütze but I suppose is more strange see those symbol on tellermütze and so i would like any info if any from you know about Km sailors could wear any Unofficial insignia or symbol added on their tellermütze as I have seen these days on pics and any tellermütze with it,I have seen Narvik Edelweiss,etc and if you have any period pic with where we could see any strange symbol please happy to see it. thanks for your comments Fernando
  8. Thanks Brian,may be is not needed nobody more posting in this thread cause seller has sold the cap tallies. Warmest regards Fernando
  9. comments please????????????? I was said than there were repro postwar IJN cap tallies for Japanese Vets,could someone confirm this point and how were they made in leaf printed as the first original ones or these repros were made in woven as second type period ones? On the other hand leave your thoughts about these posted here
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