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  1. Here is the WWI aviation service record for Oblt. Robert Ritter von Greim: Observer: BeoSch I _________________ 10Aug15 - 4Nov15 FFA 3b ____________________ 4Nov15 - 2Aug16 FA 204(A) _________________ 2Aug16 - 24Oct16 Pilot: FEA 1b ____________________ 24Oct16 - 22Feb17 FA 46b ____________________ 22Feb17 - 4Apr17 Jasta 34b __________________ 4Apr17 - 2Jul18 IIC Jasta 34b Stv. C.O. __________ 19Jun17 - 13Jul17 Jasta 34 C.O. _______________ 13Jul17 - 2Jul18 IIC Hospital ____________________ 2Jul18 - 31Jul18 Jasta 34b C.O. ______________ 31Jul18 - 22Dec18 Demobilized JgGrp 10 C.O. _____________
  2. Ah, but do you know with which aviation unit he might have been associated ?? Rick D.
  3. I'd really appreciate learning his WWI history. Perhaps this would be better handled off-line (so as not to bore everyone). Could you send me a PM, or use my E-Mail: Duiven@Yahoo.com Thanks much, Rick
  4. VtwinVince: Do you have sufficient material to establish an aviation service record for him? Thanks, Rick
  5. Fine and dandy; I've already worked up a more-or-less aviation service for him. Thank you very much, Rick
  6. Glenn (nedkelly 1973): Still hoping to see some of the docs you obtained for this fellow. Especially an aviation service record. Thanks, Rick
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