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  1. There is a original Cairo made version with tail touching , though as you say correctly the badge at the start is wrong , the body of the scorpion is wrong .
  2. Hi , can anyone please help with the ID of this badge. thanks Steve
  3. ....had differing opinions on this . so far ...its modern, its Russian made 1945/46 , transitional piece ....can anyone confirm and maybe add a picture of it being worn ? thanks Steve
  4. Thank you all for your kind help and advice regarding my little rarity...very pleased to share this with you all ....now i just have to find the land version ...lol kind regards steve
  5. ..cheers interesting described as a collar ..but appears more like an issued lapel badge ..with the finer gold and silver versions being private purchase post 1916 badges ??
  6. Can one add any other pictures of it being worn !! Thanks for the additional pics 1916irishcollector.
  7. Hi, If anyone wishes to sell a single BWM or group to Belgium / French agent ; or spots one for sale I would very much appreciate the heads up . Please pm me . Many many thanks Steve
  8. Your Greek wings , look Persian to me , the early Greek wings have roses within the wreath, do you still have ?? Are any for sale .

    Thanks Steve

  9. Hi,

       If you decide to part with the RFC, please drop me a line as I collect WW1 aviation. Thanks Steve

    1. ccj


      I will sel or trade

    2. arrestanddevelopment


      Let me know what you are after and send front and rear photos please. Thanks Steve

    3. ccj


      Ok, I collect Imperial German WW1 and French WW1 items such as trousers, tunics, equipment, helmets, etc.

      I'll take photos

  10. Hi , thanks Owen , yes it would be nice !! spelling is clear up to the letter "K" in DENIC "K" E , but I am pretty sure it is HUSSAR HEINRICH DENICKE ....(thought surname could be DENICRE ,but with his main name being Germanic , I doubt this is correct ) so I think this one boils down to if anyone has the Brunswick Waterloo roll for the Hussar Regt ??? as that would confirm !! ..., wow and wouldn't it be a find if that's him !! hope someone would be able to confirm !! Thanks Steve
  11. ...thanks Jareth , but still remains unidentified. It is not any known aviation insignia that I as a collector or other aviation collectors recognise. I still lean towards aviation school, or puppet state pilots wings....something will crop up eventually ! Thanks for the help folks ;-)
  12. I truly doubt if this is a fantasy piece ,there is no logic in creating a one off wing out of original pieces , ie correct wartime star, no modern fibers , correct wartime backing paper and nice original aging to bullion , certainly not chemically aged. Just because it is unidentified I certainly wont be condemning to the bin !! cheers Steve
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