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  1. The signature is printed and from Crosbie E. Saint General , USA Commander in Chief
  2. Hello! I have found this certificated award paper. But is it a military award with non badge? Also, is it rare award? Thank?s for help and comments. Sincerely Holger from germany
  3. Hello! Today, I recieved a book from my friend in venezuela. It is from 1968 and have 200 pages and many illustrations. Thats in first. Also I looking for collectors to trade books worldwide , thematicly awards and uniforms. Sincerely Holger
  4. use this one and learn dutch! *smile* you can use different net-trans. Sincerely Holger http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nieuw-Guinea_Herinneringskruis
  5. It?s a cross, awarded after 1919 for austrian figthers, they figth to the Serbian and Italy occupation in First WW. Usefull link for more history, but in german: http://www.kab.or.at/volksabstimmung.html Sincerely Holger
  6. I think, that the collectors mean that book. But that booklet are from ukraina and have bad pictures. Sincerely Holger P.S.: Also that book are cheap!!! *smile*
  7. And the ebay link to both: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...E:IT&ih=024
  8. In first: It is no booklet! It is a book it will be wigth more than 1 kg. More pictures i attached file. It was made only 1000 copy?s of this book. Also from the order of Lenin and the book order of red flag. It was only a offer from me, to sell the book. I?m not hyastic to sell the book. Shippmend from russia is very expenciv and also to both books. Every time is a surprice.
  9. I understand it not so good. You mean, that award will be a fake? And it was only 16 pieces awarded?
  10. Also the flag of Pattani is red with and green. Award: 2 red flags on top. Center-withe and the circle is green. I?mean, it will be Pattani 80%! *smile*
  11. So, I mean, it will be a award from Rama the IV. after annex. the islamic Patani region. Thats the ground, it is writen in islamic. So today are different problems in this are. Citezens are like to will be independenc from Thailand. Different groups are made problems in this area. So, I mean.
  12. Rigth on is backside with no., Silver and gold plated. Ribbon-sheet is duobble in aluminium. The left on. Only brass. Only color. So many, the left on it will be new from yesterday. But I have never see this before. New China-quality!
  13. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...........! It?s my favorit cat!!!! Absolut on top!
  14. The little sovereign?s. Ed, do you check in the prince book?
  15. One of the many different and rar Mogul / Maharadsha awards. I feel so. But you want more or correct informations, I must look in my books and papers. Year is writen 1331 that?s the year from 11.12.1912 to 29.11.1913 Sincerely Holger / germany
  16. Yes also. But the other part?s are not history of east germay. The other 2 parts from the Wehrmacht time.
  17. Yes. Next, I send no more information for new book?s. It will be better for collectors.
  18. Medal for yemen soldiers and the Niswa/sallalatroops to figth with the Sultant Qaboos Army. And also soviet military instructurs in south Oman. Hope you understand it. Special medal and rar!
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