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  1. Hi Chris,

    Do you mind saying which light box you purchased? Your pictures turned out well and I assume you are happy with it. I've researched these in the past, but have yet to pull the trigger.



  2. Chip


    If you are eager for an issue NCO tunic, what do you have to trade?


    1. ccj


      Well Chip, I don't know what I have in trade for an NCO tunic as I would have officer tunics and medals. Are you willing to trade?

    2. Chip


      Hi Charles,

      Unfortunately, not interested in Officer's stuff or medals. :( 


  3. Chris,

    Is 72 dpi OK or do you need something better. If better, what dpi?


  4. Chris,

    A new Erkennungsmarke. :)

    Erkennungsmarke, MWK, SB5.jpg

  5. Hi Andy,

    Did you notice the pair of M15 FAR.43 enlisted man's straps for sale here?


    1. The Prussian

      The Prussian

      Hello Chip!

      Thank you very much!!!!

      I just wrote him. He wrote o.b.o. So I tried 120 including shipping... Let´s wait...

      Thanx a lot again,

      best regards,


    2. Chip


      That's what friends are for. :)


  6. Hello Marcin,

    I have given you some basic identifications on your shoulder straps. All have some value. There are no rare ones in the group and there are some that have very little collector value. The enlisted cyphered ones sell on German Ebay for about 35 Euro each. The officer's cyphered boards can sell for up to 100 Euro, the Hessen one here falling into that category. The 123 Grenadier, typically less. If you sell them as a group, I think you will get less money, but you would get rid of the uninteresting ones that might not sell on their own. I hope this helps.


  7. Kornel,

    Did you see the Garde Res.Pion.Rgt. tag that Chris has shown in post #347? Is that the one you told me was a reproduction and that I cancelled my order for? It looks very familiar.


  8. Chris,

    Just an additional note for you regarding the P.B.12 straps. While they are nice and desirable, they have turned out to be the most commonly seen M15 Pionier straps. Having a pair is a bonus. I've had chances to purchase pairs from this battalion before, but I already had a single and pairs aren't cheap.

    Not to rain on your parade, as I said they are highly desirable, but I would not call them rare at all. P.B.12 and P.B.22 spawned almost all of the rest of the Saxon pionier companies. I consider the company level straps much more scarce and continue to look for them for myself.

    Saxon Pioneers.JPG

    1. Chris Boonzaier

      Chris Boonzaier

      Hi, Nice Straps!! Rare is always relative... Murphy collecting law One: You never really find what you are looking for, then when you do you find even more the next week.

      You can bet is someone is looking for these he will find everything BUT these. Then he will find these... then a pai a week later... and another pair the week after that ;-)

    2. Chip


      And then I have seen things that were considered rare and then more and more showed up and they weren't so rare any more.


  9. Chris,

    I bid on twelve lots at Stauffer's, but only got one. The one that I did get had four straps in it, three of which were different patterns (one m11 enlisted Flieger for the M95 Waffenrock, one M07/11 for the feldgrau Waffenrock and two M15s. Funny thing was, the M07/11 was the other half of a pair, the single of which I got seven years ago! Now, the private purchase pair is back together. Small world.

    Who was the guy that you bought the Leib boards from? Was it Ebayer Ulan9?

    I probably should have bid higher at Stauffer's, but I subtracted the 22% VAT from my bids and I was a bit conservative, as I was afraid I might get more than I could afford. Stauffer's charged me 35 Euro to mail four straps to the States. They then sent me another bill with a 60 Euro packaging and mailing fee. Fortunately, I had already paid the lower amount and they did sent the straps out. What a rip!


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    2. Chip


      Bavarian Jäger straps are few and far between, especially wartime models, which are very non-descript. A gray strap with a "1" or a "2" is really not very noteworthy. One would easily pass them up. The M15 green versions are very tough to find. I have owned three enlisted ones from the 3.Jäger Regt. and have never seen issue versions from the 1st or 2nd. Maybe someday....


    3. Chris Boonzaier

      Chris Boonzaier

      How about starting a "Jäger strap" thread? :-)

    4. Chip


      For all Jäger or just Bavarian?

  10. Collecting WWI German insignia, especially shoulder straps, sleeve patches and collar Litzen.

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