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  1. We have Petri, but Olt Max Heyden might be a new one: 27.8.1918 This shows again why we should definitely list the submitted ones: we have Lt dR Max Pulfrich (though new first name!), but he is listed here as submitted: 26.8.1918 May have some new info on Hptm Köhler, Beckhaus, Pulkowski: 16.8.1918
  2. Three new first names: Fred Hermanns, Werner Lentz, Franz Meng 9.10.1918 Submitted: Lt dR Walter Lucas 2.10.1918 First name: Olt Herbert Veltman, KIA 1918 27.8.1918
  3. First name: Lt dR Ernst Josten, RJB 30.10.1918 First name: Hptm Wilhelm Rath 30.10.1918 A late submitted one, might well have got it: Lt dR Heinrich Bock from FAR 33 26.10.1918 Yet another submitted one: Lt dR Joseph Credé 25.10.1918 Submitted as well, not the Kolkmann we have already: Lt dR Gustav Kolkmann from IR 151 17.10.1918
  4. Ok, Kölnische Zeitung has been put online now. Here we go: New first name: Hptm Albert Otto 5.12.1918 New first name: Lt dR Hermann Kracht from FußAR7 27-9-1918 We have Schalk from IR 135, but Olt dR Gossler might be a new one. 12.9.1918 New first name: Lt Heinrich Essmann, KIA 1918 14.11.1918
  5. Hello everyone, this photo - now colorized - shows one of my relatives with his unit during WW2 in Norway. Seems to be a fjord in the background - does anyone have an idea where this might have been taken? Regards Chris
  6. Found some (a bit blurry) photos of Ernst von Weizsäcker in his diplomat uniform, with a double-row ribbon bar. Anyone has better pictures of him with his awards?
  7. Really nice in color:
  8. And now - colorized: ...and only now did I realize that Edelmann is wearing sunglasses 😎
  9. Lt Fraedrich was from IR 155 and from Ostrowo. Olt aD as per EhrenRL. From Posener Tageblatt, 8.7.1918 The Adressbuch Ostrowo 1913 lists a Hermann Fraedrich, Oberzollrevisor, probably his father.
  10. Some more info from myheritage: Helmut Yström is probably this one, Police career and Senator in Bremen after WW2: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmut_Yström
  11. No. 7 might also be the (unofficial) Austrian Ehrenlegion.
  12. By the way, this Lw OTL from the very first page of this 14-year-old thread has recently been identified over at AHF. It is GM (posth.) Dr. Johann-Volkmar Fisser (1893-1940). So we can add his other awards to the list: HHOX, GSF3bX (he is in the Sachsen-Weimar list as "Walter Fisser"), Oldenburg (probably, I thought Meiningen at first, but he is not in the list) - and the last one looks to me like an Italian Crown Order, not ÖM3K. (Colorized below.)
  13. First names will always be helpful! Some more info on Bernhard Pein, later Professor and SS Officer: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernhard_Pein Also some more on Emil(e) Brumder, who remained in French Alsace, died 1967: https://www.alsace-histoire.org/netdba/brumder-emile-victor/ (it is the same person, I checked the birth date)
  14. A very interesting idea! Hmmm... But this would mean that someone replaced both eagles. Both the one with prongs visible and the one with prongs behind the backing. That person would then have removed the entire backing... somehow, it doesn't look that way. Actually, after all these years, I'm inclined to think the second eagle just fell off and was replaced by the wearer himself. This would mean 25+ years of service. But yes, not confirmed. I did re-post this bar later on, in 2013. These must have been some of the last comments by Rick, he suggested Lw-Oberst (E) Schumburg - who however didn't get the EK Spange according to his file: Mystery remains unsolved until today.
  15. Recently got this ribbon bar from postwar Bulgaria. Classic style, painted/plastic. Not my main area, I tried to ID as many ribbons as possible, but some leave me puzzled. Especially the first award, does anyone have a clue what it is? Also, what rank would this person have had? 1) ?? 2) Order of the People's Republic of Bulgaria (2nd cl?) 3) Order of the People's Republic of Bulgaria (3rd cl?) 4) Order of 9th September 1944 1st cl?? (ribbon slightly off?) 5) Order of 9th September 1944 (2nd cl) 6) Order of National Liberty (2nd cl) (probably) 7) Soviet Medal of Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-45 8) ? 9) ? 10) Patriotic War Medal 1944-1945 ?? (ribbon slightly off?) 11) Medal for Participation in the Antifascist Struggle ?? (1948) 12) ? 13) Jubilee Medal "30 Years of Bulgarian People's Army" (1974)? 14) ? 15) Some Jubilee Medal (zB 1974, 1981, 1988, …) 16) Jubilee Medal "25 Years of People's Rule" (1969)? 17) Jubilee Medal "25 Years of Bulgarian People's Army"/Min. of Interior/… (1968) 18) Long Service Medal for Armed Forces / Ministry of Interior / … (20 years) 19) Long Service Medal for Armed Forces / Ministry of Interior / … (15 years) 20) Long Service Medal for Armed Forces / Ministry of Interior / … (10 years) 21) Jubilee Medal "20 Years of Bulgarian People's Army" / Ministry of Interior / … (1964) 22) ?
  16. Great research, thank you! So much new light on this 15 year old case!
  17. The Kölner Local-Anzeiger, 2.6.1918, lists Graf zu Solm(s) as a recipient of the Cross of Liberty:
  18. Ok, for the moment, I believe I'm done with the newspapers that are available digitally. Most areas have now been covered fairly well. There are some major newspapers that are in the process of being digitized, in particular the "Kölnische Zeitung", which is supposed to be available some time later this year. The "Königsberger Hartungsche Zeitung", a very valuable resource, has, for some reason, only been digitized until Sep 1918, so the very interesting months after that are missing. For the "Tilsiter Allgemeine Zeitung", the entire year 1918 is missing. "Danziger Neueste Nachrichten" is stuck in 1899. Other than that, what remain as particular blind spots are: - Berlin: local newspapers, such as the "Lokal-Anzeiger" or the "Morgenpost" - interesting years have not been digitized yet. In particular, the award notices (unlike death notices) for Berlin are currently missing almost entirely, and I haven't figured out yet where exactly those were published. - Hannover/Braunschweig: the "Hannoverscher Kurier" is in the process, but currently stuck in 1889, hopefully that will advance soon. So that's where we stand. I actually don't know where 50-60 active (not reserve) officers should come from, since almost all newspapers that I went through turned up less than a handful of new HHOXs, often rather only one or two. Even if those missing newspapers mentioned above contained some more, I don't see how we could arrive at 50-60 new recipients.
  19. Another Verdienstorden + Albrechtsorden: Lt dR Herbert Schwarze From Leipziger Tageblatt, 22.12.1918
  20. For the Verdienstorden, I only have these, maybe you've got them already: Leo Rittner and Fritz Barth (if "Hausorden" means "Verdienstorden" here): Both from Juni 1918
  21. While doing the research for the Hohenzollern House Order recipients, now and then I came across a notice for an Albrechtsorden recipient, by chance. I wanted to collect these in a separate thread here, might be interesting especially for Deruelle. I had a quick look at the published lists, but have not checked thoroughly whether we have these already. I mostly but not always have the bibliographical information for the notices, will try to provide on request, for those who look interesting. So here they are, in alphabetical order:
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