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  1. Rackbuilder http://ultimaterack.ajandj.com/
  2. Rackbuilder. http://ultimaterack.ajandj.com/
  3. I have had these Eagles for a while. Can someone enlighten me as to what organizations they might belong. Thank you, Don
  4. Hi Tony, Very nice. Could you put a name to the medals for the uninformed like me. Thank you, Don
  5. This is mine and looks like the one you poster without rivits. Mine has the pin outline for placement. Any good? Thanks, Don
  6. Need help to ID this stickpin. Any help is greately appreciated. Don
  7. A couple of awards for the A/C ind. One Silver and the other Gold. Marked Ges Gesche
  8. Here are two pins, one has silver tones and the other gold. Don
  9. Thank you for the reply.I must have had a senior moment and forgot posting it before. I told my wife to get a stick and give me a good beating so I would'nt forget. Sorry for the mix-up. Regards, Don
  10. Looking at your SS Norge pins makes me think this pin might be part of that group.
  11. These are a pair of ICs 3/4 X3/4 square. Marked 1914 and a beautiful enamel. Any help to identify is appreciated. Don
  12. I have often wondered if the NSDAP stickpins are held to the same standard with respect to spacing on the L-S on the standard badge. I have 2, one with gold wash and the other with a silver wash
  13. Thank you. Hard to believe it's only for german restaurant-business with it being silver and numbered. I thought for sure it was related to the SS or something. (Long sigh) Don
  14. My 72 years are catching up to me and I completely forgot that post. Thank you for your reply Don
  15. Thanking you in advance. I am trying to identify this stickpin that I think may be SS because of manufacture and markimgs. It is well enamaled and in great shape. Don
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