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  1. I´m searching for infos about Peter Ingenhoven. He was a aviator in WW I and was awarded with the House Order of Hohenzollern. In WW II he was awarded with the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. His observer was Lt. Mangold.
  2. The promotion to Major was on 18.05.1918. Is this correct ? When he was awarded with the Hohenzollern on 19.10.1918 as an Hauptmann, so the date of action must be in spring 1918.
  3. GREAT !! Many thanks again ! Now finally only the dates for his EK II und EK I for the war of 1914/1918 are missing.
  4. Many thanks. Do you have also an date when he was awarded with the Ritterkreuz of the Militär-Max-Joseph-Orden. The date of action for this award was 01.12.1870.
  5. Many thanks for your replay. He was awarded with the EK I for the fightings on 04.12.1870 at Boulay near Orléans.
  6. I´m searching for the dates when Prinz Leopold von Bayern got his Iron crosses. He was awarded with the EK II and the EK I in the war 1870/71 and also in the war 1914/18.
  7. The next one, where I can´t find any dates of life, is Karl Heinrich Gustaf Arthur Hoffmann. He was awarded with the PLM on 20.09.1866 as Sekondelieutenant in the Infanterieregiment Nr. 47 / 10. Infanteriedivision / V. Armeekorps / 2. Armee
  8. Again many thanks to you !! I´m very happy about this info. So now for the moment only the date of birth for Hugo von Pogrell is missing.
  9. Many thanks !! The next one, where I can´t find no dates, is August Louis Ferdinand Hensel. He was awarded with the PLM on 20.09.1866 as Major and Bataillonskommandeur im 4. Thüringischen Infanterieregiment Nr. 72 / 16. Infanteriebrigade / 8. Infanteriedivision / 1. Armee I´ve no infos about his dates of birth or death.
  10. The next one ss Franz Offermann. He was awarded with the PLM on 20.09.1866 as Premierlieutenant and Chef 8. Kompanie / 1. Posensches Infanterieregiment Nr. 18 / 10. Infanteriebrigade / 5. Infanteriedivision / 1. Armee. I´m searching for his date of birth. Offermann died of his wounds on 20.09.1870.
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