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  1. I´m searching for infos about Peter Ingenhoven. He was a aviator in WW I and was awarded with the House Order of Hohenzollern. In WW II he was awarded with the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. His observer was Lt. Mangold.
  2. I´m searching for the date of the award for Arnd von Schmalz. Perhaps somebody can help?
  3. The promotion to Major was on 18.05.1918. Is this correct ? When he was awarded with the Hohenzollern on 19.10.1918 as an Hauptmann, so the date of action must be in spring 1918.
  4. I´m searching for the award dates of Hauptmann Walther Jungnickel. Perhaps someone can help ?
  5. GREAT !! Many thanks again ! Now finally only the dates for his EK II und EK I for the war of 1914/1918 are missing.
  6. Many thanks. Do you have also an date when he was awarded with the Ritterkreuz of the Militär-Max-Joseph-Orden. The date of action for this award was 01.12.1870.
  7. Many thanks for your replay. He was awarded with the EK I for the fightings on 04.12.1870 at Boulay near Orléans.
  8. I´m searching for the dates when Prinz Leopold von Bayern got his Iron crosses. He was awarded with the EK II and the EK I in the war 1870/71 and also in the war 1914/18.
  9. The next one, where I can´t find any dates of life, is Karl Heinrich Gustaf Arthur Hoffmann. He was awarded with the PLM on 20.09.1866 as Sekondelieutenant in the Infanterieregiment Nr. 47 / 10. Infanteriedivision / V. Armeekorps / 2. Armee
  10. Again many thanks to you !! I´m very happy about this info. So now for the moment only the date of birth for Hugo von Pogrell is missing.
  11. Many thanks !! The next one, where I can´t find no dates, is August Louis Ferdinand Hensel. He was awarded with the PLM on 20.09.1866 as Major and Bataillonskommandeur im 4. Thüringischen Infanterieregiment Nr. 72 / 16. Infanteriebrigade / 8. Infanteriedivision / 1. Armee I´ve no infos about his dates of birth or death.
  12. The next one ss Franz Offermann. He was awarded with the PLM on 20.09.1866 as Premierlieutenant and Chef 8. Kompanie / 1. Posensches Infanterieregiment Nr. 18 / 10. Infanteriebrigade / 5. Infanteriedivision / 1. Armee. I´m searching for his date of birth. Offermann died of his wounds on 20.09.1870.
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