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  1. I would agree with the non-official WWI medal idea. I have seen at least one medal for sale with this ribbon. From the OMSA Medal Database we have this Champaign County World War One Service Medal with this ribbon. http://www.omsa.org/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=2888 I bet if you dig through OMSA's database, you might find more examples.
  2. Nice photo. That smile on his face - probably just kicked an infantryman's butt, took his bottle of wine and girlfriend! :cool:
  3. Chris, not a checklist exactly - since I haven't found a definitive list of "all" artillery units (Chip...scan scan scan and share ) But I have a couple pretty good lists of units. I keep track on a spreadsheet all the units that I have collected - by feld, fuss, bavarian, non-regimental battalions and batteries etc. Even a few Austrian units. Scorecard is in my profile as of January. In February I have added a few more; so, step by step. Actually, have a unit or two that haven't shown up on my lists. Which means I am making a new list. Good mix of items too; commemorative medals, aw
  4. Uwe, thanks for the assist. I also thought "Tramp" - but thought that too odd for a German name.
  5. Ehrenkreuz Frontkaempfer document from Hamburg to the same man.
  6. These arrived in the mail this week; haven't done any research yet. Found it interesting that a Fahrer in a Sachsen fuss-artillerie battalion ended up as a Kaufmann in Hamburg. There's a story there that will never be found. I could use a little help with the name though... Looks like "Ernst Framp" to me... And no idea what is in parentheses after "Fahrer". (Again, apologize for the quality of images. )
  7. Huh? I just figured your site's server was in China where Google isn't allowed... :ninja:
  8. On a serious note though; considering this librarian received a combatant EK... Given your research, how common was that? I suspect fairly common. And given the number of EK's just handed to officers - just for being officers... Maybe the EK isn't a particularly worthy decoration after all. :unsure:
  9. So, that means ... I guess ... that you have been wrong TWICE in this blue moon then. :cheers:
  10. Are you drinking something a bit too strong tonight? :cheeky:
  11. If you find to where it fell off the map, see if my missing FAR 9 is there with your RIR 227. FAR 9 went into hiding too in at the end of 1917. :ninja:
  12. Perfect Chris! This is precisely the detail for which I was hoping. I wonder why your site didn't come up in any of my Google searches... (PS: I got a couple award docs today - need to post those - fussartillerie though - not luftshifferabt.)
  13. Les, thanks for the link. As I mentioned in the original post, I already did an internet search and came up with very general information like this wiki article. Unfortunately, the internet sources lack specific details on the employment of air ships. The implication from the wiki articles like the one you link is that air ships were used almost exclusively for bombing, but it doesn't give a good idea of the unit types associated with powered air ships (presumably used for bombing) and the units with tethered balloons (presumably used for observation).
  14. Nice chapeau ("Brodie Mia!"? I suppose you will wear this in the garden while singing ABBA songs. )
  15. I couldn't find much on the internet regarding the composition and mission of the Luftschiffer-Abteilungen. Were these units used for bombing missions or as observers (for artillery?) or both? The specific unit that raised this question in my mind is Feldluftschiffer-Abteilung Nr. 8 Any information would be appreciated as I know nothing about air ships.
  16. Interesting history and award... Hvala vam! :cheers:
  17. I have yet to make my own order, but this website comes recommended by several other GMIC members. You can get on CD the Husaren Regiment Nr. 16 history for 5 Euro. Number 1271 on the list. http://www.military-books.de.vu/
  18. How does this factor with the Pour le Merite? Do we see that being worn as the only other glitter with the EK's? Seems like at least for aviators, that was the coin of the realm.
  19. Andreas sent me this in an email before he went to bed... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quote Andreas: That are one of my problems too. Stellungs-Ziel and Artillerie-Ziel. If we look at the times , we see x+85-x+174 at the Stellungs-Ziel and x+175-x+189 at Artillerie-Ziel. Maybe these are targets, whose should be shot directly? The amunitions. Splitter means splinter (I think), like a shrapnell. I think the different colours seemed to be gas grenades. The 15cm s.F.H. could shoot "Grünkreuz", "Blaukreuz" and "Gelbkreuz" There were
  20. Andreas and I have exchanged a couple emails to sort out the Schießtafel in Post #3; thought I would share with the crowd in case anyone is interested. Below is what is I know about this fire plan based upon translation and an understanding of artillery fire. The first number on the left - “9” - is the duration in minutes to shoot at this particular target. The second column reflects “x bis x+9” - “x” being the start of the fire plan and “x+9” being 9 minutes after the start of the fire plan. The data to the left is to be fired for the first 9 minutes of the fire plan. In this case, it loo
  21. Sicher, Ich kann deutsch. My email can be linked from my profile...
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