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  1. What does the stamp say? It might be that Inf.Rgt 245 was attached to another division. EDIT: Found it - Dietrich Kraiss. For the date of that citation he was in command of 168.Infanterie-Division.
  2. Considering not just the range of different cap tallies seen here but also the wide variety of fantastic photos posted I am surprised that no-one has thought to publish a book covering these type of photos including photos of the trade badges which is another great photographic record. Considering Schiffer have published books in the past based on sign posts and wedding photos these would make a fantastic photo reference book.
  3. From Larry deZeng & Doug Stankey's Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries: FLEISCHER, Alfred. (DOB: 16.03.95 in Hildesheim). WWI served in the Infanterie then in the Fliegertruppe as a Lt.d.R. 1938-39 Obstlt. and Ausbildungsleiter Lw.-Erg.Btl. 33 Illesheim. 01.08.39 Obstlt.(Erg.O.), Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. Nürnberg. 01.06.40 Obstlt., Kdt. Koflug Schleswig. 01.02.42 promo to Oberst. 26.03.43 in Lg.Kdo. XXV area, appt Kdt. Koflug 3/XII. 26.03.43 trf from Flieger-Ers.Btl. XII to Luftgaukdo. XXV. 10.44 Kdt. Koflug 3/XII (Pancevo). Post WWII moved to Chicago and employed in the mortgage business. 1961 retired to Germany. Credited with 6 victories in WWI. 11.06.78 died in Hildesheim.
  4. Führerschein of future General der Panzertruppen and Knights Cross with Oakleaves & Swords winner Gerhard Graf von Schwerin.
  5. I am sure some will of seen this announced on other forums but for those that don't know Ancestry in Germany have now added 2.4 million cards for those soldiers killed between 1939-1948 and although I am led to believe that those cards relating to late 1944 don't exist there may well be some for that period and 1945. So far the latest date I have been able to find a card file for is July 1944 but I have been told that there are some for later in 1944 and 1945. So far I have found card files for members in all 3 branches of the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS (including Concentration Camp guards) and Polizei. Some have just one side of a card while others might have 2 or 3 double sided cards of information. If you have a Wehrpass or Soldbuch to a man killed in action then the chances are that the card files will tell you little new except that in a lot of examples the card files tell you how he died (gun shot to lungs, head injury etc) and where he was originally buried. But if all you have is a memorial card or a grave photo then you will be able to gain a lot of information such as his basic training unit, his last unit, dogtag details and so on. See below for a couple of examples. It would seem that people are having an approx 75-80% success rate in finding who they are looking for. This is already shaping up to be an incredible resource and I have already been told by one German collector that he has been able to find his Grandfather's card and despite the Red Cross, Volksbund & WASt not telling him about any burial details in the past there on the back of the card was his original grave details showing that he had received a proper burial from his comrades, something that has brought peace of mind to his remaining son & daughter 76 years later. But as with all things Ancestry, after your trial period ends you will need to subscribe to the site to obtain access.
  6. He would of been awarded it for his efforts with the medical unit behind the front and it could of been for efforts over an extended period of time rather than for just a single battle.
  7. It looks ok. The KvK citation comes in many different forms. It is signed by Friedrich Herrlein.
  8. You have to bear in mind that the citation is being issued by a rear area medical unit rather than the mans actual unit. It isn't rare to see spelling mistakes or the wrong unit names on medical unit issued wound badge citations.
  9. It looks fine. The Feldpost number in the stamp is for 4. Kriegslazarett (R) Kriegslazarett-Abteilung 532 R.
  10. Unfortunately the book that covers these boats in detail 'Die Versorger der „Grauen Wölfe“ Einsatz und Schicksal der deutschen U-Tanker 1941-44' (Luftfahrtverlag-Start) doesn't shed any light on U-464's use of an emblem. It just states that up to now no emblem has been verified.
  11. From AHF post by Askropp: 01.11.1935 im Stab der 1. Panzerdivision (Weimar) [laut DAL E] 12.10.1937 im Stab der 3. Panzerdivision (Berlin) [laut Stellenbesetzung] 01.02.1940 Referent in der Heerespersonalabteilung 2 des Heerespersonalamts 01.05.1940 Gruppenleiter in der Amtsgruppe P2 des Heerespersonalamts 27.12.1944 Führerreserve Wehrkreis III 01.01.1945 versetzt zum Wehrbezirkskommando Lübben
  12. Certainly don't look like W-SS runes. It might be better off posting this photo in the Balkan States section.
  13. 800 Euros is about the right value for a Luftwaffe DKiG citation such as this so when you add in the commission and postage it makes it too expensive. There is a KG-27 DKiG citation already on the market for 845 Euros and it isn't selling, admittedly it is in a poorer state.
  14. Your best option would be to contact Bundesarchiv and see if they will give you his service file.
  15. A Luftwaffe rank listing won't shed any light as they have very minimal details, usually just the name and date of seniority. I have the 1944 one and it is next to useless for finding out any further details. If he was a Luftwaffe 'Beamte' rather than a serving military officer then he won't be listed in the ranks of actual Luftwaffe officers. What makes you think he was doing secret experimental work for the RLM?
  16. I can't find any mention of him in the Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries. It might be worth contacting the Bundesarchiv to see if they will provide you with a copy of his service file.
  17. Johannes Pfundtner Born: 15 July 1881 Died: 25 April 1945 - committed suicide along with his wife Leitenden Staatssekretär im Reichsministerium des Innern Präsidenten der Prüfungskommission für höhere Verwaltungsbeamte Nationalen Olympischen Komitee Goldenes Parteiabzeichen der NSDAP
  18. They both died on Newtownards Road - Thomas is listed as dying at 23 & Carl at 27. They are both listed in the Palace Barracks memorial garden site as being killed in a RTA so maybe they were travelling from one base to another when the accident occurred. Try contacting The County Down Spectator to see if they have anything in their archive for the date.
  19. Konstantin Hermann Karl Freiherr von Neurath Highest rank reached: Honorary rank SS-Obergruppenführer Born: 02 Feb 1873 Died: 14 Aug 1956 Foreign Minister Reichsprotektor Bohemia & Moravia Received 15 years imprisonment at the Nuremberg Trials but released after 8 years due to ill health.
  20. Not sure what it could be. I'm not sure it is the Chinese one as the one being worn seems to have 10 points whereas the Chinese one has 8 and the tiger seems to be taking up a lot of space in the center whereas it doesn't seem that way in the photo. Maybe another Chinese award - or from another country.
  21. It is hard to say. There have been a lot of these various papers on the market that are described as coming from the archive relating to the Graf Spee and I think the jury is out on whether they are original, fakes or copies of originals.
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