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  1. Hauptmann Iro Ilk Born: 18 Oct 1919 Died: 25 Sep 1944 - KIA Highest rank reached: Major LKS 10 3./LG-1 2./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 2./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 10./LG-1 JG-300 Kdr III/JG-300 Stab I/JG-300 Stab III/JG-300 Kills - 9 or 10 (incl 5 night) RK: 21 Oct 1942 DKiG: 02 Apr 1942 Ehrenpokal: 23 Aug 1943 Information Source: Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries by Larry deZeng & Douglas Stankey
  2. Based purely on the initials (I'm no good at recognising faces) it could be Hans-Georg Borck who won the RK on 23rd November 1943 in 3./Pz.Pi.Btl 209 of 11.Pz.Division. He won the DKiG with the same unit in March 1943. The Waffenfarbe in the photo does look black which would fit with a Pionier unit.
  3. Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm Ihrig Born: 27 Jul 1915 Died: MIA 30 Nov 1942 on mission to Rzhev Salient II/KG-3 Staffelkapitän 3./KG-3 Kdr II/KG-3 RK: 14 Aug 1941
  4. Major Pius Hodapp Born: 01 Jul 1907 Died: 20 Nov 1942 - KIA at Rzhev Kp-Chef 10/Inf.Rgt 35 Inf.Rgt 195 Kdr II/Inf.Rgt 195 DKiG: 14 Feb 1942
  5. Is there any chance of a higher resolution scan of just the cuff title area? Can't say I've seen one like that - is it ST, SG or GG and then -P.....?
  6. You see all sorts of notes, letters and documents from time to time, it's nothing unusual and just depends on what has been part of the group and has been put together either by the family or a previous collector.
  7. His name looks like Heinrich Coutier. The initial on the front cover of the Wehrpass will confirm if his surname starts with a C or G but it looks like a C to me.
  8. Einsatz Osten, Nordabschnitt Einsatz Kampfraum Aachen (Rgt Trier)
  9. Last 6 sections of page 12: 1) Gren.Ers.u.A.Btl 120 (Grenadier-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Bataillon 120) 2) Alarm-Regiment Tried 3) abbreviations as per #1 4) Marsch-Kompanie and then abbreviations as per #1 5) 6./Grenadier-Regiment von H____ (Stellungs-Kampfgruppe XII/1) 6) 6./Grenadier-Regiment 73 As for his name, can you also show his signature on page 2, his parents names on page 3 and his signature on page 1. It can all help.
  10. Not sure if this is of much help but it is his Kartei as held at NARA and has a couple of evaluations on it. No idea about the recordings though:
  11. Major Hans-Detlev Chrapkowski Born: 29 Oct 1911 Kp-Chef 2./Sturm.Pi.Btl 43 Kdr Pi.Btl Grossdeutschland DKiG: 28 May 1944
  12. Please feel free to start a separate thread on the topic - it will be interesting to see the scale and scope of foreign weapons issued. Thanks for the extra additions to this thread - Oflag IIC seems to have a fair bit of information on the internet including a list of 6,000 Polish PoW's and information on a prisoner Olympics in 1944.
  13. Good point, you do tend to see a wide variety of foreign weapons. The naval guard in my original post was issued a Bulgarian rifle (possibly a Mannlicher M1895):
  14. General der Panzertruppe Rudolf Schmidt Born: 12 May 1886 Died: 07 Apr 1957 Highest rank reached: Generaloberst Kdr 1.Pz.Division Kdr XXXIX.Armeekorps Fhr 2.Armee Kdr 2.Pz.Armee Openly critical of the direction of the war in 1943 and whose brother was convicted of treason, Schmidt was sentenced to a mental institution. Captured by the Russians in 1947 he spent 8 years in Soviet PoW camps. RK: 03 Jun 1940 EL: 10 Jul 1941
  15. Generaloberst Nikolaus von Falkenhorst Born: 17 Jan 1885 Died: 18 Jun 1968 Kdr XXI.Armeekorps Kdr Armee Norwegen Wehrmachtbefehlshaber Norwegen RK: 30 Apr 1940 DKiS: 20 Jan 1945
  16. Oberstleutnant Heinrich Dorn Born: 11 Aug 1897 Died: 15 Jul 1956 Highest rank reached: Oberst Kdr Grenadier-Rgt 7 RK: 16 Nov 1944
  17. Not an autograph but I found this while going through my files - it is the Kartei for Henning von Tresckow.
  18. Thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread, especially Colin for his efforts in sharing his collection, as this is currently the second most viewed thread in the entire Third Reich Paperwork section sitting at 34,732 views. As the current leader (at 47,862) hasn't had a reply since 2010 this is the most viewed 'live' thread - although Kriegsmarine Cap Tallies sits just 7 views behind so the lead can change on any given day. But well done for everything done in this thread.
  19. Well done to everyone who has posted their wonderful photos in this thread. As of today this is the third most viewed thread in the entire Third Reich Paperwork section. The most viewed thread is '1000+ photos of Hitlerjugend' with 47,862 views but that thread hasn't received a reply since 2010 so is buried deep in the depths of the forum. The second most viewed thread is 'Autographs of the German Resistance' which sits at 34,732 and is two years older than this thread which currently has a viewing figure just 7 behind at 34.725, so on any given day this thread could be the most viewed 'live' thread in the section The next most viewed thread sits at 22,972. I am sure there are many more photos to see in the future from your efforts so thank you to everyone who has contributed.
  20. It is a collecting area that doesn't seem to get the attention of many other areas but it can be a cheaper area to collect and sometimes well known or infamous places crop up. While most PoW Camp guards ony have their main unit listed in the Soldbuch or Wehrpass such as a Landesschuetzen-Btl, other examples will actually have the camp noted. Here is an example of a Soldbuch to an older serviceman who had previously served in World War 1 and who was assigned to a Marine Landesschuetzen Kompanie and was sent to be a guard at Marlag-Milag Nord which was the main PoW Camp for Royal Navy & Merchant Navy sailors who were captured (approx 5,000) and located near Bremen. The liberation of the camp is on Youtube. This Wehrpass is to another older soldier who was assigned to Stalag 343. After the Germans occupied Lithuania in 1941 Stalag 343 was used to hold, and kill, Russian PoW's. To begin with it was located near Alytus in Lithuania before a camp near Bobruisk was renamed Stalag 343. Thousands of Russian prisoners died at the camp in Lithuania due to starvation and disease, and in the nearby forest of Vidzgiris over 60,000 Jews were murdered. And here is a Wehrpass to a soldier who was transferred to the Luftwaffe and assigned to a Luftwaffe Landesschuetzen Kompanie. This unit was used to guard Stalag-Luft III and this soldier was guarding the camp during the period of arguably the the most well known escape from the PoW Camp system, The Great Escape on 24th March 1944.
  21. Thank you for correcting the information and confirming the type of signature.
  22. It must of been an interesting interview. I don't know if it's just my pc or phone but whenever I click on a link it just redirects me straight back to this thread. Was he involved in the French campaign in 1940? When did he transfer from SS-VT to LSSAH? I have to say I would hardly compare the Russian partisans or French Resistance to ISIS. They were fighting a brutal occupying force that had invaded their countries. He also seems to rapidly distance himself from knowledge of attrocities - Oradour for example, feigning ignorance of the event.
  23. I always keep an eye on threads, even if I don't comment on them, including threads that interest me as an 'outsider' (as in I don't collect such photos etc) such as this one. Every addition is welcomed and appreciated.
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