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    Long live the Emperor.

    This is a medal from Ise Jingu Shrine 伊勢神宮拜 https://www.isejingu.or.jp/en/
  2. 陸軍特別志願兵合絡出章 - Army Special Volunteers Union badge 國民精柮終動員 - National Spiritual Mobilization Movement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Spiritual_Mobilization_Movement 朝鮮聯明 - Korea
  3. JapanX

    Japanese shield...?

    海軍検定褒賞 - Navy Proficiency Award 昭和十三年 - 1938
  4. Yes, this is a variation of the case for this badge. Judging by the construction features it could belong to the late 30s+ time period.
  5. Yes, only "emergency" and "сrow's nest" can compete in rarity contest with this beauty
  6. This is a case for a very rare badge. 操舵優等徽章 Steering [of a ship/submarine] superior class badge.
  7. 50-60 bucks for both of them seems like a fair price. At least for me Regards, Nick
  8. This badge was issued in 1932 for participation in the army special large scale maneuvers held in Osaka prefecture. It is made in pure silver by Shobido workshop in Osaka.
  9. This one was issued by Tokyo city in commemoration of emperor [Taisho] enthronement. December, 1915. The case is original to the badge. We gonna need a reverse for the second one, Tom. Best, Nick
  10. Here comes an exellent example. Unfilled But with photo
  11. This is admiral Yamamoto Shinjiro.
  12. It looks like one of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meritorious_Service_Medal_(China)
  13. If you are talking about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_August_First, then
  14. This is his St. Vladimir order (no exact date but I think all these orders he recieved somewhere around 1813/1814) This is defintely St.Vladimir (thanks to the portrait by Carl Vilhelm Nordgren). No info about his Nevsky but I have a date for his order of St. George 4th class. He received it "for distinctionsin the wars with Napoleon" on October 8, 1813 (No. 2712 according to the Grigorovich - Stepanov list of cavaliers). Med vennlig hilsen, Nick
  15. Yes, he definitely was a cavalier of St.Anna order. No exact date but here comes a little compensation. The very same breast star of St.Anna order that belonged to him.
  16. JapanX

    Rising Sun

    Yes Alex, this is order of rising sun of 2003 + type. Ex 5th class. The new name for this class is 旭日双光章/Kyokujitsu sōkōshō/ Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays
  17. This is not the actual document, but the scroll with the image of the document. Such scrolls were sold to the cavaliers of the medal unfilled (i.e. without the document number and the name of the cavalier) so they can proundly display them on holidays at home. Best, Nick
  18. 陸軍步兵少尉 - infantry second lieutenant 浦井長支 - Urai Nagao /// 當家六代目 - 6th generation of the home (family?) /// "Could each recipient of the enthronement medal claim to receive this type of document" No, I don`t think so. Best, Nick
  19. This medal was issued by 日枝神社 - Hie Shrine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hie_Shrine Reverse reads 大禮記念章 - Enthronement Commemorative Medal.' 日枝神社 - Hie Shrine 平成二年十一月 - November 1990 + mark 純銀 - pure silver Best, Nick
  20. Original. First quarter of the 20th century.
  21. Crown is a usual story for such badges. 賞 - award Most likely some kind sport or society badge.
  22. JapanX


    Could be anybody. It was made by Nippon medal making company somewhere around january 1929.
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