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  1. Hi Martin, Thanks for the comments, i am searching for logntime for a badge by Meybauer,is very difficult to buy, but is on my list, my next one for sure. Best regards
  2. My last U-Boat badge,another Schwerin Berlin unmarked. thaks for the comments guys Here in the uniform
  3. Thanks for the comment Gordon,I am very happy with them, i'll expand the family.
  4. Hello, i would like to show my small collection of U-Boot badges, thanks for looking From left to right: B.H Mayer, Schwerin, Juncker
  5. Very interesting information. This badges have something special, the eagle is awesome as well as its brigthness, i like to know who have made donations of this badge. May already during the war had preferences among the crews for wearing a badge or other likely that if as always. (Sorry but my english is not very good) I see if it makes me a nice price, thank you again
  6. Hello, i really like this type of post, look old pics with the same badges and medals that now belong to someone, thanks for make me enjoy
  7. I really like Juncker u-boat badges but do not really know much about them, not if someone will take pictures of sailors or some famous Aces wearing this badge, (in the case of Schwerin know everithing and there are lot of pics). Gordon is his book has one that belonged to Oberleutnant zur see Heinrich Niemayer, but i would like to know a little more. Best regards
  8. thanks Gordon and Martin, i have seen the same here and in Gordon's book but without cut swastika, now i have a question (i am not rich) between buy this one or an original first type marked Schwerin Berlin, thanks again for your help
  9. Hi gents,i am interested in this u-boat war badge,i have another version of this badge, lighter and with another type of pin, i think is an original one, all comments are welcome thanks in advance
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