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  1. Thanks for the nice responce. Christophe-- here are some close ups [attachmentid=28844]
  2. NOW-----the best part [attachmentid=28798]
  3. I have been searching for one of these for a couple years now and today my quest has come to an end. I just have to share this-- [attachmentid=28797]
  4. This might be one of the fake Meybauer maker marks the Rick is talking about. This one is on a frack chain. [attachmentid=28523]
  5. I think to make a real comment on wear across the makers mark, We need a much better picture. I am posting a scan of mine. you can just see where the disc is rubbing the right edge of the stamp and only faint scratch marks in the center of the stamp. [attachmentid=28374]
  6. I think you did real well with your trade.
  7. I think I need to go back to school Robert, That Spanish Rose picture is OUSTANDING
  8. I did a little more research--- The 4th battalion, 9th infantry division was assigned to the 25th Infantry division.RVN from 1966 to to 1970 and received 2 presidential citations for operations around Cu Chi. I found this picture taken at the EM club at Tay Ninh in 1968 showing the MANCHU rocker above a 25th patch [attachmentid=27921]
  9. hi Guys, I bought this set at a flea market 20 years ago. Can someone please give me some information about the MANCHU ?? rocker. It has been suggested that the rocker does not go with the patch for the 25th. any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Greg [attachmentid=27892]
  10. VERY NICE guys I guess it's time to get the camera out again.
  11. Thanks I have sent you a private message with a brief history. Greg
  12. Something for the "Masonic" lads [attachmentid=27245]
  13. I personally hope that the beaded ones turn out tb OK. But like Marc-I don't think I am going to rush out and put down some big money on one. (been there, done that. MY WHS was one of the first pieces I added to my collection.) SOMEDAY a medal bar will turn up from a vet's family and all our questions will be answered. Untill then, mine will be displayed proudly in my display case.
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