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  1. Very nice collection. I do not have any with the original packets.
  2. Nice looking "Otto Schickle" made cross.
  3. Has anyone seen one like this before? I thought at first it might be a Godet, but changed my mind. The pin kind of reminds me of a Zimmerman but the core is wrong. Any thoughts?
  4. Great cross. Of all the crosses I own and wish to own, that is my HOLY GRAIL. The 1870 crosses had the finest detail of any of the Ek family and the Wagners were the best of the best.
  5. It's funny, the more crosses I pick up, the longer my want list seems to get. (and the harder they are to find)
  6. Nice!! I'm still looking to add a pin back to my collection. I really like the little safety catch.
  7. That is a vary rare piece. Thanks for showing it,
  8. Nice cross Micha, For a long time, I think I had one of the rarest AWS vaiations posted on the forums. I believe you've just topped me. Nicely done.
  9. Cool piece Peter. This is only the second one of these are have ever seen and it's definitely on my must have list.
  10. The core design of your cross is the same as one of the variations used by the company "Sy-Wagner" and also by "Wagner and Sohn". It may also be used by others but this will give you a place to start your search.
  11. My own opinion is that these were private purchase vanity items and that we can not just assume that an Ek device is a second class because it is two sided. Ribbon bars do not have any Ek1 device. Why would we expect a frackchain or button hole group to unless the owner did as the one posted above and had a single sided Ek put on it.
  12. If you were to so us a nice straight on close up of the front of the cross, someone might be able to identify the maker for you.
  13. Not yet but one is being written as we speak.
  14. There can be a lot of difference in ww1 crosses. An early cross with a silver frame and cast iron core will weigh more than one with a stamped thin sheet metal core or one with a thinner or non-silver frame.
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