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  1. German and Italian decorations and visor caps Walther P38, 9mm
  2. Miloš Žunić's flight jacket German incendiary bomb, April 1941
  3. Neighborhood watch badge Pavelić's small silver bravery medal Badge commemorating creation of NDH Patrol commander badge Croatian legion badge
  4. Legion of Honor, visible traces of blood on the sash, and admiral's bicorne
  5. Admiral's uniform worn by the king Aleksandar Karađorđević when he was assassinated in Marseilles
  6. Vojvoda Bojović's decorations surfaced in 2016. Here are couple of photos of his Bulgarian decorations. Order of St. Alexander 2nd Class (Rothe) Order of Military Merit 2nd Class (Schwerdtner), 1904. Apologies for going off-topic.
  7. M24, 7,9mm (Belgium) M24, 7,9mm vz. 24, 7,9mm M24ČK, 7,9mm M98, 7,9mm M95M, 7,9mm Luger O08, 9mm Browning M1910/22, 9mm VTZ 33, 9mm Zbrojevka vz. 38, 9mm
  8. Most interesting, thanks for additional information. Vojvoda Petar Bojović was awarded with the Order of Military Merit 2nd class and Order of St. Alexander 2nd class.
  9. M1930 regimental flag (R) and infantry weapons of the Army of Kingdom of SCS/Yugoslavia
  10. M1933 king's guard cavalry colonel's uniform Hussar atilla belonged to the king Aleksandar Karađorđević
  11. WW1 weapons Photo 1: Mauser C96, 7,63mm Luger P08/17, 9mm Mauser C96, 9mm Rast-Gasser M1898, 8mm Roth-Steyr M1907, 8mm Steyr M1912, 8mm M1915, 9mm M1822 cavalry sabre M1869 cavalry sabre Photo 2: Lebel M1892, 8mm Mauser M1912, 7mm Mannlicher Carvano M-91, 6,5mm Mosin-Nagant M1891/10 7,62mm Mannlicher M95, 8mm Mannlocher M95, 8mm
  12. Romania Commemorative Cross of the 1916–1918 War with Oituz Clasp Queen Maria Cross 3rd Class Order of the Crown of Romania 3rd class, type 1
  13. Order of Miloš Obilić & Order of Nemanjić Photos from the exhibition held at the Belgrade Military Museum found on: republika.rs
  14. I remember one episode in which someone brought a horse gas mask to the shop. I think some "expert" said it was used during WW1 but in fact it was developed in the late seventies in Yugoslavia. If I remember well they bought it for 1000$. There's also that episode with the Russian White Eagle Order.
  15. As some maybe remember I wasn't watermarking photos at all but one day I saw my images ended up elsewhere so I started using that one central watermark. A few weeks ago I noticed some of my photos ended up in a certain magazine's special issue about Serbian decorations, that's when I decided to use this type of hallmarking, unfortunately. LINK I'll gladly forward you clear photos just let me know which ones to send.
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