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    • FOR SALE

    On sale this Order of Labour with Red Flag from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It is an early example, with serial number #704, defect to the enamel which was repaired at some point, the defect is minor and can be seen in the pictures. This type of Order of Labour was made by IKOM Zagreb and originally on two screws, factory replaced to needle in the late 1940s to early 1950s. Comes with original case and ribbon. Rare and very decently priced, if I may say. Cheers, Drugo


  2. More correct dates appear to be in February 1945, when Alexander visited Belgrade. Here many interesting photos of the occasion. Confirming the timeframe, a telegram from Churchill dated 1 March 1945, congratulating Alexander for the successful mission to Belgrade. I am very pleased. 😇
  3. Dear Johan, you were absolutely amazing! Thank you very much! Indeed, it is him, and it helped me find the concrete occasion at which this photograph was taken: https://www.gettyimages.fr/detail/photo-d'actualité/tito-posing-following-his-nomination-as-head-of-the-photo-dactualité/104421086 https://www.gettyimages.fr/detail/photo-d'actualité/field-marshal-harold-alexander-confers-over-a-large-photo-dactualité/515461342
  4. Dear colleagues, I have acquired at an auction this nice autographed photography of Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia with a British officer. Tito is wearing his Soviet Order of Suvorov, which was awarded to him in October '44, and the same uniform that he wore in Naples, in August '44, in a famous meeting with Churchill. In my opinion the photo was taken during the late war up to 1946 the latest. I would need some help in identifying the British officer standing next to him. I thought to see some resemblance with Field Marshall Montgomery, but I am not very convinced, both because my

    • FOR SALE

    Selling this United Nations Emergency Force Medal for participation in the United Nations Emergency Force between 7 November 1956 and 19 May 1967, offered to a Yugoslav officer ca. 1960, for 90 days of continuous service in Egypt. Next to Yugoslavia, other countries that provided troops to serve in the UNEF were Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, India, Norway and Sweden.



    • FOR SALE

    I'm selling this nice lot that belonged to an Armenian WWII veteran of the Red Army. The lot consists of: Order of the Patriotic War, II Class, Jubilee version (1985); Medal "Veteran of Labour"; Labour Medal for Lenin's 100th birthday; Victory medals for 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th anniversary; Red Army medals for 60th and 70th anniversary; Armenian veteran ID document with photo; Two watches that belonged to the soldier, a Poljot with a very nice engraving and a Komandirskie. Both watches are in working conditions, but I didn't test for precision. All medals have their documents except for Lenin's 100th birthday. The watches came without straps, I'm throwing in two nice pairs of straps that nicely fit. I checked the soldier on Pamyat Naroda, he was born in 1925 and did not receive any other reward besides the Order of Patriotic War II class.


  7. Yes, probably fac-simile was not the correct term, I was thinking more of an autopen. Certainly, quite a rare document nowadays. 🤠
  8. Very nice items, BalkanCollector! It's always a plus when you can trace the unit and actions where the decorated person took part, especially when such an important one. Is Tito's signature on the document original or a fac-simile? I assume only a few hundreds of these could had been awarded in 1958... Cheers, Drugo
  9. Thank you for this link, Wilsson02, it adds another piece to the puzzle! Cheers, Drugo
  10. Indeed, if such a list of holders exists, I'd be most interested to see it. It would be nice if Valjevo could share a link.
  11. Amazing lot! Too bad it seems that many awards do not come with original diplomas or certification papers at least... Regarding your question about a medal, it should be a common civil defense award from SR Croatia.

    • FOR SALE

    Dear all, here for sale a Yugoslavian Order of the Partisan Star with Rifles in an original war/early post war box. The box and the star numbers are not matching, still, this type of box is extremely hard to find and will only gain in value over time. Beautiful set! Payment can be done by Paypal friends or +4%. Worldwide shipping by registered mail from Italy or France at cost - please ask for destination. Any other question, just ask. Cheers, Drugo


  13. I found about David's death here, and I am very sorry about it. He wasn't an old man, and I haven't been in touch with him in years now, but we exchanged many many emails back in the days when I was starting my collection, and then again. I remember him as a tall, red haired gentleman and kind person. Perhaps most of you know him only as the "medals dealer", but David was an important figure in Slovenian modern history: Born in 1962 in Kruševac (Serbia, then just another republic of the SFRY), as a student in the 1980s he wrote for the Slovenian magazine Mladina, a left-wing liberal
  14. Hello Eric, This is a spomenica in itself! It was awarded to living relatives of fallen partisans. So it's the spomenica to the dead. It entitled the family to some social benefits as those of the living holders, but there was no award beside this paper. I was discussing precisely this with BalkanCollector just a few days ago, he even showed me one like this with several names on the same document, an entire fallen family!
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