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  1. Very Fine indeed, pics show them better here than on the WAF...Bon Chance! S
  2. Gents, Sadly, a few days ago a hero and gentleman of the Skies passed away...Günther Rall (General Leutnant), the third most successful fighter Ace in the history of aerial combat (275 victories), suffered a heart attack last Friday and passed away quietly in his home on Sunday last, at the age of 91. Many who knew him spoke of him in respectful terms as a "True Gentleman"and I am certain that many of us to whom he has been a legend and font of information on the German Luftwaffe, flieger tactics and WWII, wish his family and loved ones our heartfelt condolences. Gehen Sie gut Herr General! Warm Regards, Steve www.warbirds-eaa.org/news/200...es%20Away.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BCnther_Rall
  3. Superb! I love the Boer War decorations from your Great-Grandfather...thanks for sharing squire! Cheers, S
  4. This is really a postscript to my last post...My view on the decisive battle in the European theatre is clear, but, Idid not comment on the Eastern/Pacific theatre where I would have to go with "Midway". Interestingly, though I had never specifically ponderd this previously, it is for the same reason as I argue for Kursk/Citadel in the European...cheers, S
  5. has not set their status

  6. Pic #3 - More pics of medals & other minutiae to follow when I've sorted out my image size issues! cheers,
  7. Dear Gents, I thought I woulkd share these with you. The recipient of these awards (depicted in the period photograph) is Flying Officer Bruce Adrian Woods DFC. FO Woods was awarded the DFC for his part in actions over Germany 39-45. He was a pilot who flew the Avro Lancaster on more than 30 active missions with 460 Bomber Command. I am immensely proud of these as the chap was my uncle...he passed away in 1982 (far sooner than I would have liked) He was as straight as a die, and had a wickedly dry sense of humour! Cheers, Steve
  8. Bless him...Great old digger he was!!! Here's cheers, S
  9. Good Sirs, While The Battle of the Atlantic (strategically), El Alamein, Normandy, a number of others and certainly Stalingrad were all extremely significant defeats for the Third Reich, it remains undisputed that after the great gamble/failure of, and then the reversals after, Operation Citadel, no further strategic offensive was capable of being mounted by the ground forces of the Wehrmacht! This fact that makes Kursk decisive in this issue for me! cheers, S
  10. What an Awesome collection...thanks for sharing these...Cheers, S
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