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  1. The Wilson History and Research Center (WHRC) in Little Rock, AR has photographed Willi Schumacher's Waffen-SS collection and placed the photos on their website. They attended the SOS and showed off their website to viewers. Check this collection out: http://www.militaryheadgear.com/collections/3-Willi-Schumacher-s-Waffen-SS-Collection Bob
  2. Gordon, I just posted my five KM caps to the link above, including two (German-made I believe) enlisted overseas caps. Bob
  3. Finally my Kriegsmarine Officer Service Cap (for mid-grade officers).
  4. Here is my Schloffelmutze (Donald Duck Cap) with "Marinenachrichtenschule" (Navy Signal School) cap band
  5. Here is another view of the insignia on the front of the cap. You can also see the anchor-marked buttons.
  6. Here is the RARE bird... a Kriegsmarine enlisted M1943 field cap. This is the one pictured in the 3-volume set of books on the Kriegsmarine. Apparently it came out of Bob Alexander's collection at some point.
  7. Here is a standard (German-made) enlisted overseas cap in excellent condition.
  8. This is the emblem for U-391. She made one patrol, didn't score any successes and was sunk with all hands on her way home in the Bay of Biscay in 1943.
  9. This is the parade dress jacket of an Infantry Hauptfeldwebel from Infanterie-Regiment 46. I'd guess about $1500+. Bob
  10. Justin, Looks like you're building a FLEET. Nice tallies to be sure! Continued success! Bob
  11. Waffenfarben on my Luftwaffe tunics is red for flak (Luftwaffe Flak-Regiment 5), yellow on the Bretschneider dress jacket, and yellow on the Obergefreiter. The Luftwaffe general I'm paying on is white waffenfarben. Thank you for the compliment. Yes, my Kriegsmarine collection is coming along and is quite celebrity with two named tunics, one to a Knight's Cross winner and the other to a German Cross in Silver winner. Bob
  12. I looked on the backside and it is metallic (heavy metal, Dude!). Thank you for the use of the photo. It will only be used as described above. Bob
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