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  1. True there were gaps in the roll in my book but in the mean wqhile I have produced a booklet with ALL the names of those wounded during the campaign. Hadeln is not included sop i think he was wounded in Europe. He was sent back to Germany on a prisoner of war exchange. Not sure of the date but I must search my files for it. By the do you have his 'Piloten Ausweis"?
  2. Hi, Can anybody tell me more the Iron Cross, 2nd Class in a wooden box that I bought. Accordiong to the person that i bopught it from this was for the Schutztruppe as a reminder of their service in overseas. True or False? Thanks. Gordon
  3. Hi, I have not been on this site for a while. Howqever I wish to answer the issue of whether W. L. Simon was entitled to the 'Kalahari 1907' bar or not. I wish to state clearly that the sources that I used for my book were primary i.e. directly from the various archives here in Windhoek, Germany and the U.K. In the German file here in the Namibian Archives on the Morenga incident - for which the German medal was awarded, the official German award list shows that Simon was NOT entitled to the bar as he was not present at the actual engagement with Morenga. Whether Simon bought the bar privately and then attached it to his medal could be a possibility as the bar could be bought directly from the maker here in Windhoek. I hope that this answers the question. Rgds, Gordon McGregor
  4. Wow! thanks for the info. However I notice that there are Bronze, Silver and Gold medals - am I correcvt? What is the difference?
  5. I am seeking info regarding the Portuguese Campaign Commemorative Medals and their bars for the military operations in southern Angola in the period 1914 - 15. These operations were mainly against German operstions into Angola.
  6. A picture of Hauptmann Herbert Steiunkopf's RK. Can anyone help with info on his regiment, 3./Gernadier-Regiment 467. Thasnks. Gordon
  7. Hi, This is my RK of Hauptmann Herbert Steinkopf. It is in a good condition and came with an orignal piece of ribbon. I also have the rest of his medals. Gordoin
  8. I have just bought the REK group to Hauptmann Herbert Steinkopf from his widow. I am seeking info on him. Can anyone help? Thanking you. Gordon McGregor
  9. I am seeking info on Herbert Steinkopf who won the Knights Cross on the Eastern Front in 1944. His regiment was 3./Grenadier-Regiment 467 which was part of the 267 Inf. div. A unit history would also be welcome.
  10. I am looking for info on a Knights Cross holder - Herbert Steinkopf. Can anyone help please,
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