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    1. The back of it had "Mai 1943" written on it. I know nothing of Nazi militarily, but I`m betting Luftwaffe high officer ? Looking forward to am experienced opinion. :jumping:
    2. Hello there ! Here's a little something that I tried to get. Sadly, my bid was way lower that the 100euros it went for.
    3. Well thank you very much Jim! Hope the cross is just as easy to identify, as it`s the only one I`m actually interested in getting. All the best from Timisoara, Alex
    4. And last but not least: any Italian presence in Libia before WW2 ?! Any info on the three pieces will be much appreciated. Are any of them interesting, or just common items ?
    5. Second: 15mm in diameter veterans association pin. Looks like someone put some nail polish on it. Or maybe it`s some modern low quality repro ? I believe this to be related to scouts, due to the stamping on the back of it.
    6. Hello gents, Not wanting to start a new thread, I`ll also publish a few unknown (to me) Italian items. First up, a cross. It has been suggested to me that it`s related to "The Guardia Finanzia's Long Service Cross". Possibly silver?
    7. Well thank you very much ! I was a little upset before, thinking I've lost something interesting at a very good price. All better now ! :jumping:
    8. ... and the back of it: Any info on it would be much appreciated. Alex
    9. Hey guys, I think making the effort to crop some pics would really be worth it, and also be very good for reference ! The links you have posted are long gone by now and, for someone totality outside the subject such as myself, it`s really hard to understand what the thread is about. The reason I`m posting is this prince Milos I "Cneaz" medal for Bravery. It's been put up for sale here in Romania on Thursday, but has went off the auction by today, so no chance to get it any more. Now.. following this thread let me do believe that it could be a fake, and unfortunately http://www.orden.stojanovic.ch/ did not help much. The seller claimed it is silver.
    10. Some details of them: max length of "ensemble" 28-29cm; handcuff dimensions: 8.5/9/2.5cm; in-between handcuffs: 10.5cm. Screwing the key would unlock the handcuff, unscrewing it will lock it. And another reference that I found:
    11. Hello again, Some may call this unrelated,but I believe these handcuffs to have been also used on the politically based jailed persons, and there for on the topic of the thread. Any information on them ? I have never researched handcuffs before.
    12. Nice one Kev, is it yours ? I wonder why he didn`t have the Romanian version, "Eliberarea de sub jugul fascist", or the 5th Aniversary of the Republic or the Xth Aniversary of the Army ? :jumping:
    13. Sorry about that; I was used to the old GMIC format, where you could upload photos. This "create album - make it public" is a little too complicated in my opinion. Mine has two stamping on the ear and one on the ring , I suppose for silver marking; second class maybe ? So, the one with trifolded ribbon is just as yours, third class? Any idea where I could get a decent piece of ribbon ? Alex (Corabia is the Danube crossing point of the Romanian Army in 1877 & 1913).
    14. Gordon, should I assume your version is the 1st Class ? Does it have any markings? Here`s something I found at another collector here in Romania:
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