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    1. Hello Chuck! Nice star-cockardes you have. Not extremely scarce, but not a dime a dozen anymore. The two on top are both models of 1936 - manufactured until 1940. One 38MM and the other 31MM - give or take a MM. Both were worn on all sorts of headgear by commanders, sergeants, and soldiers. The lower one seems to be a post-war 22MM type - for use on pilotka. However,the photo may be deceiving.
    2. BUMP To possibly help out: http://cgi.ebay.com/Russian-Mongolian-Majors-Victory-Parade-Uniform-/150600497153?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item23107d3801 "A Russian/Mongolian Major of Infantry, 1945 Victory Parade Dress Tunic and Breeches. Included in this offering are the following, Tunic with all pictured decorations, and Piped Breeches. I personally purchased this uniform set from an old Russian collector whom I met through my friend in Volgograd (Stalingrad), Russia when I visited there in 1992. Here are the decorations which are original to this tunic: On the medal bar: Battle Merit Medal - #1239942 Soviet Order of the Red Star - #117672 Order of the Patriotic War, 1st Class- #78182 Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class- #319710 WW2 Guards badge Mongolian Order of the Polar Star- #407 Mongolian Order of Combat- #2059 Mongolian Order of Military Merit- #4489 All uniform items are in NEAR MINT condition and show only minor wear! Cannot be upgraded! Please ask for additional photos as there are several more! Shipping by U.S. Priority Mail, Insured. Shipping costs will be determined by your location. I accept payment by PAY PAL ONLY. All items are 100% original as described and come with a 3-day inspection period. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Please check my other listings for related items. Happy Hunting!"
    3. .........................................................
    4. Had some size and quality issues with the images due to the 110KB limit.
    5. The stars on the shoulder-boards are from what reference states as "pattern of 1954". BTW, it is refreshing to see that the artillery ciphers are silvered. The cap (which dates to the late 50s thru 60s) is indeed for tankist - with the black velvet band. Artillery cap band was black felt. The mix of both bullion and stamped metal cuff/collar insignia is OK. Breeches should be piped in red. This is is my interpretation of a late 40s/early 50s version dress jacket for artillery officer (see images):
    6. Sergey! Класс! Do you own such a badge? If so, please show an image of the reverse.
    7. Doc, I would think that not many here in the West carry a lot of knowledge about such late era stuff - speaking for myself, first and foremost. I would suggest here: http://russiamilitaria.ru/index.php?. Spend a little time with careful translation and I assure you that our collector associates seven to nine hours ahead will provide at least some hints to assist you in the information that you seek...
    8. Great images, as usual Sir. It seems that this man has metallic edgings on his collar tabs.
    9. ...and this one has the normal fold down ear/neck protection.
    10. http://warrelics.eu/forum/headgear-steel-h...novka-4947.html
    11. The "chinstrapped" Budionovka is quite cool also...
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