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    What Airbrush do you use?

    Richard Gordon

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    I used to build a lot of armour kits when I was a teenager and was getting fairly good at it until university came along and all the other trappings that it brings. From then onwards I didn't build anymore models. Then about 6 years ago, a friend who I shared the hobby with bought me a tamiya Stud III Ausf. G kit with brass etched parts. I then bought the turned aluminium barrel with separate muzzel brake and thought I'd have a go.

    It's still in the box, partially built but I'm thinking of tackling it again.

    Now, down to the real reason for this thread... I have a Royal Sovereign Super 73A airbrush which I bought a few years ago but I can not longer find the instructions for it and I'm having difficulty getting good flow at wider settings.

    Does anyone have one of these or know of anywhere were they are featured on the web to show how to get the best out of it?


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    I'm not familiar with this type of airbrush. Is it similar to the old badger dual action types? If so, I think I still have a Badger manual lying around that may be of some use. Let me know and I?ll send you a scan once I have found it.



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    Hi Rich,

    For over 30 years, a Paasche VL has been my reference airbrush, but, about a year ago, I bit the bullet and acquired an Iwata HP-BC Plus. Precision paint spraying is very possible with the magnificent tool. Lines as fine as 1/32" wide can quite easily be controled with a little practice. Highly recommended. Link to same - http://www.dixieart.com/High_Performance_P...Airbrushes.html



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    Thanks for your interest and recommendations. Thing is, I don't want to have to buy a new rig just to tackle one kit. Looks like this type of airbrush is not widely known amongst modelers. :(

    I think it will have to be a case of keep trying to experiment until I get the required results.



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