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  1. They do indeed, but if you believe they did you need to substantialistisch your assertion. So far, you have not. If the tunic is not what it is purported to be, let’s expose it, but let’s do so on the basis of facts, not conjecture. I thought so. They look to be even-spaced, so could be for breast stars, arranged similarly to the pic you shared - but I agree that the style of the upper attachment (reinforced holes, rather than loops) is one normally associated with the weer of an EK I.
  2. Charles, Is your question triggered by the two gaps (rather than loops) on the tunic? Kind regards, Sandro
  3. Hello Bayern (for lack of a real name to go by), Sure. Let’s for a moment assume that langer, reputable museums like the bayerische Armeemuseum (who’se collection is the basis of the Verlag Militaria field grey books) mostly know what they are doing, instead of casting unfounded doubt on their attribution. I had a similar experience recently on WAV. These fora are (or at least, should be) about facts, not opinions, so if we call out an attribution lets please do so on the basis of evidence, and share that evidence so it can be examined. Glenn’s evidence is at best circumstantial to the issue at hand, and does not preclude the possibility that the tunic is a fabrication. But one who asserts that should show pics or other evidence in support, so that that can be examined and discussed. From the few pics I’ve found, Prittwitz does not strike me as unusually tall or fat, but I stand to be corrected, so if you have other pics that show differently, let’s have them and debate them. Everybody on this forum rightfully admires the late Rick Research, because he based his views in facts that he willingly disclosed, shared and debated. Kind regards, Sandro
  4. I think you’re right on the dedication and the date, many thanks.The only word I’m not 100% sure of is “Wirken”. Any further views on that will be appreciated. Kind regards, Sandro
  5. I won this on eBay last week and was wondering if someone can please help identify this KuK general and/or decipher the dedication? What I think I can read is: "Zur Erinnerung am gemeinsamen (....) im Felde (....) dankbaren (....) (...), 18/2/1917, (unreadable signature)" Many thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, Sandro
  6. Incidentally, the second tunic shown, the one before the Prittwitz tunic, is attributed to Crown Prinz Rupprecht. Personally, I find the single Austrian style (horizontal) loop amidst the *vertical) German style loops intriguing.
  7. You're right on the first tunic, not sure of your comment on the second though. The pic below does not seem to indicate that von Prittwitzwas fat, as you suggest (in fact, the cut of the tunic shown in it appears to be similar to the tunic on display in Ingolstadt). More generally I am not sure how you measure a tunic from a pic (other than in terms of relative dimensions). And thirdly why would the Bavarian army museum make an attribution they cannot sustain, especially of a piece that is barely central to their exhibition (Prittwitz hailed from Silesia)?
  8. Bavarian fieldmarshall boards as far as I can see, with the typical Bavarian style crossed batons.
  9. More field grey (and in part, high ranking) tunics from the exhibition for Charles and others interested in those. Enjoy!
  10. Yes, it's well worth the visit - this is just a small part of the display at redoubt Tilly (across the Donau from the main museum). They have an excellent, Bavaria focussed, 35 room WWI exhibition there as well. Impossible to photograph properly because of the glass and the lighting, but quite impressive. Kind regards, Sandro
  11. I knew I had seen the pic recently somewhere other than in my collection. Check out: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1916_-_Albert_Reich_-_Transilvania,_intalnire_arhiducele_Carol_cu_generalul_Kraft_la_Cisnadie_p12.jpg, which gives the location as Cisnădie, Romania, and identifies the third person as PLM awardee Friedrich Wilhelm Willisen. Kind regards, Sandro
  12. I've checked the references I had in mind, but unfortunately could not find what I was looking for.
  13. I'm afraid I don't, but seem to recall seeing the pic in one of two books I acquired this year. I'll look for it if time permits and will let you know if it gives a venue for the photograph.
  14. My pleasure. I have a pic somewhere of a similar Edelweiß device in wear, I believe by Krafft von Delmensingen. I'll see if I can find it and will post it if I do. Some more pics as promised.
  15. Pics of the mountain troops exhibition currently on display at the Tilly redoubt of the Bavarian army museum in Ingolstadt. Kind regards, Sandro More pics to follow
  16. Dear Noname, My command of the English language is just fine, thank you, as is my understanding of what you wrote. Your comments in the now two posts I'm reacting to, on the other hand, are highhanded if not outright arrogant: it is clear you mistook a comment made by Daniel in jest for arrogance on his part (something he has since explained to you), and judged him without knowing anything about him, just as you judge Laurentius and myself, not on the basis of facts, but on the basis of assumptions, prejudices and conjecture (not to put too fine a point on it, but if you look at a map you will see that the UK happens to be in Europe, and it sort of is the birthplace of the English language ..... you just borrowed it). You say you teach law, something I know a little bit about: I hope you teach your law students, too, to base themselves on fact and avoid conjecture when addressing legal issues. As to the forum, it is a forum of peers, and members can critisize other members for what they consider rude behaviour. Heck, coming to think of it, that is just what you did with Daniel - and what would give you the standing to do so, one wonders? As you are a member, may I suggest you start contributing some of your no doubt vast knowledge and insights, rather than critisizing others who do? Kind regards, Sandro PS: a dear friend of mine, also a valued member of this culturally diverse forum, read our exchanges and told me to tell you that the book depicted is always in the inner pocket of my jacket, protecting and warming my heart, a comment I repeat here in jest* *legal disclaimer added, just to limit the scope for uncertainty or misunderstanding on the part of the learned member who, sadly, is only known to us as FAR32.
  17. Sorry Far 32 (do you have an actual name?), but your comment is completely unwarranted and misguided. If you had studied the forum as closely as you say you have, you would have noticed that Daniel is one of the people that make this forum what it is, freely sharing his knowledge with other members, in the spirit of Rick Research (not Researcher as you call him), and that the comment you seize on here was made in jest (as Daniel himself has subsequently pointed out). Read, study, learn and contribute where you can but don't make unwarranted personal attack on those who in fact have made and still make this forum what it is today. Kind regards, Sandro
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