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    Ok, so let's add a few more of these.

    It's almost a test with a new Epson scanner 3490.

    Every scan I'll post below was done on 24-bit Color (the scanner allows up to 48-bit Color But I didn't think it was needed here) and on a low definition of 300 dpi (this scanner allows definitions from 50 to 12800 dpi, but it seemed to me 300 dpi was enough here).

    In 99.99% of the cases, rather than using the Auto Exposure I opted to use the Image Adjustement (only changing the brightness + contrast).

    Most of the scans will have a black background. I just used a method used by Bryan ("Soviet", one of our fellow members) which consists of keeping the cover of the scanner open and then make the scans with the lights off. It's the night here now, so no natural light. Well, the TV was still on on the same room but apparently didn't have any influence on the results. A couple of scans have a white backgroung, except for one case, these are scans of the reverse of some pieces. In these cases I closed the scanner cover in order to try to keep the entire area of the reverse paralel (at the same distance) of the glass so I could get the whole area focused.

    I guess I could get better results but I just got it so these are the 1st few tests.

    And I guess that's it for the technical clarifications, so let's posts those Friendship Badges that I believe haven't been posted yet.

    Ed, just as a side note: have you noticed that on the I 06 you posted above the 3rd letter is different from the pic on Dr. Battushig's book? Funny because I also have one of those and mine is exactly like yours, with the 3rd letter looking like a "H", while on Dr. Battushig's book the 3rd letter looks like a "C".

    I'm starting with those I can find on Dr. Battushig's book, then all the NIBs.

    First scan is of a I 05 USSR - Mongolia Friendship.


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    This one looks like a I 30 Bulgaria - Mongolia Friendship , but there are a couple of minor differences, including what seems a coat of arms on the white part of the Bulgarian flag on the I 30 on Dr. Battushig's book, which doesn't exist on my specimen.


    Edited by Dolf
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