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    My 1/72* Wargaming men, armour, and veh

    Laurence Strong

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    Hi Jim

    Most of what you will see comes from many a winter sitting in a work camp for 2 weeks at a strech usually a 4 hr plane flight up the ars**ole of the world up north, had better things to do when I came home most times :love:

    Hi Paul

    Here are the tools of the trade, the purple brush is an 18/0, and the occulare aids are a 8 power set of reading glasses.

    The base coat is usually painted on after that it's more a matter of laying the paint on wear you want it with the long tips.

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    My camo men seem to take about twice as long yet. I do the small dots with a toothpick. when it comes to painting them, the base coat is brushed on and after that it's more a question of laying out a line with one of the long tip brushes, and I brace b oth hands up against the edge of my desk ;)

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    Panzer company. please excuse some of the vehicles, they are getting old and some pieces have fallen off never to be seen again :( Heer coys have 4 AFV's and the SS had 5. the OC's tank will eventually be replaces as it is an old Matchbox and I will remove the turret and turn it into a supply runner.


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    Well the wife's gone to work, and I have some paint and glue drying so I thought I would take some close up's of the PzGdr Company.

    Starting with the command veh c/s 100. This is a Matchbox 251 ausf A prob 15-20 yrs old, I scratch built the Stummel from some pieces off the old Esci Mk lll barrel and turret front and the breach part from a Semovente.

    Here's a front on view

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    All the 251's except for the 1st one are Esci/Ertl ausf C, they had a real nice line of AFV's and veh for the time periuod that they were out, Iwas really bummed to see them finally fold but Revell has realeased some new versions of some of them. And dragon is coming out with an awesome line of plastic kits I am in the process of building the Nashorne

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