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    Dutch Gen. Maj. Beckman

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    I have in my collection a Cart de Visite with a photo of a Dutch Generaal-Majoor. Below the photo is in handwriting the name F.J. Beckman Gen. Maj. The first letters appear to be F. J. but are hard to read.

    On the back is says Bois-le-Duc 1875 ( Bois-Le-Duc is the Dutch city 's-Hertogenbosch )

    I will post a scan later on, does someone have more info about this person and his military service?

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    Jan Fran?ois Beckman

    Born 1815

    Died at Teteringen on 16 March 1889

    Knight of the Order of the Lions of the Netherlands

    Officer's Long Service Decoration with numeral 'XL'

    2nd Lieutenant (07-12-1837)

    1st Lieutenant (28-11-1850)

    Captain (24-04-1857)

    Major (20-05-1866)

    Lieutenant-Colonel (04-04-1870)

    Colonel & commander of the 3rd Infantry Division (06-04-1872)

    Major-General & commander of the 3rd Infantry Division (23-01-1875)

    Retired 1881


    Naam- en Ranglijst der Officieren van het Koninklijke Leger der Nederlanden en van de Nederlandsche Indi?n voor 1875

    Dito 1880

    Dito 1882


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    yes it must be our man,

    however aren't that quite low-graded awards for such a man in that old era??

    I thought that most generals were going like christmas trees in those times???

    Kind regards,


    Only those on staff duties or of nobility. But than again... that hasn't changed today

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    Hi Eric,

    I thought that those of nobility don't get nowadays awards just because of their nobility, except the order of Malta, the Johanniter order........

    What's your opinion on this???

    Do you have pictures of the christmassy generals with their awards??

    Kind regards,


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