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    Luftwaffe Flak Man COMPLETE!

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    Hallo L.R. :beer:

    What! no cup on the waterbottle?? :P

    By the way, anychance to see some pictures of the way the straps on the rucksack are mounted? I thing on my Luft ruck they have been fixed in the wrong way round :blush:

    Please include some inside shots of your bread bag to :beer:

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

    Edited by Kev in Deva
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    Sure Mr. Kevin I'll get the pics tomorrow. And you probably dont have your rucksack mounted wrong, those metal parts were made to go on Y straps hooks, but since I dont have any, I just took two of my moms old thin belts turn them around and used them to mount the rucksack, call it southern ingenuity I guess LOL. Thanks guys! All the best, Jon

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    • 3 weeks later...

    By no means an expert especially on German stuff but that breast eagle looks wrong to me. I had a similar one to that and as far as I know it was a DAK Tropical side cap badge. I always thought that the breast eagle badge followed the outline of the eagle closely. I might be wrong though! Anyone?

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    Oh and another thing. I have same epualettes.. (My uncle father was Oberfeldwebel with Flak regiment based in german and later north italy where he was captured as a POW)

    Are those the right epualettes for the uniform. Red piping with sliver bullion thread looks correct (although for some reason I also have a pair with gold bullion thread) - But they kinda look wrong on that unform. Like I said...I am not an expert on all things german..... so its a chance to learn something new....



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