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    Friendly bit of advice: if you are going to spend money on Mongolian awards, I'd suggest you spend your first $ on buying Dr B's bible! :beer:

    Let me second this. But the problem now is that it seems to be out of print. Haven't seen a dealer listing it lately and I got one of the author's last remaining (unnumbered) copies (autographed :) ) this summer. There are no plans for a reprint or a second edition.

    And, I might add, after finding, buying, and reading Battushig, spend some time grazing the various threads here. Through the collective efforts exerted here, we have provided the best one-stop-shopping for post-Battushig information on Mongolian awards.


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    Thank you . i have take Dr B's bible!

    Good, that is step 1. From now on you'll have to stop work or other activities 4 times a day, kneel to the direction of Ulaan Bataar and spend 15 minutes memorizing Dr B's bible. Otherwise one will never know the A.7's and C.32's by heart! :P:cheeky:

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