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    Hi everybody,

    Please find my new treasure (thanks to Rick V) :food-smiley-004: . Only 75 officers had got this beauty. Rick R says that this ribbon bar belonged to one captain and the Lippe ribbon (the second from the left) is the LH4aX.

    Iron cross 2nd class

    Cross 4th class 1st division of the Cross of Honor of the House of Lippe with X

    War merit cross

    The Lippe Commemorative medal 1905

    This ribbon bar is for sure of my rarest ribbon bar. jumping jumping jumping



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    Yes, by the numbers, this has been the rarest ribbon bar I've handled. Despite the condition being a little less than what I normally like to offer, the extreme scarcity of the LH4aX commanded me to acquire it! :excl:

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    Guest Rick Research

    Interesting award trivia too--

    the throne of Lippe-Detmold was under legal dispute from 1897 to 1905, with the Schaumburg-Lippe branch claiming it.

    In 1897 a medal was struck for those who supported the Schaumburg regent...

    but after 8 years in the imperial courts, it went the other way...

    hence the 1905 medal for local partisans of the other-- and ultimately winning-- political faction.

    And THIS is the only one of those I have ever seen on a ribbon bar.

    Needless to say, you will NEVER find both of those medals on one bar! cheeky

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