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    Hello Gentlemen

    Beria was chief of NKVD during WW2 and held the rank of Marshal of SU in July/1945.

    He received these decorations :

    Hero of Socialist Work (30.09.1943),

    5 awards of Lenin,

    2 awards of the Red Banner,

    Suvorov's award of 1-st degree,

    Awards of the Labour Red Banner of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia

    and more 7 medals.

    Does anybody know what these medals are??

    Thx in advance



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    Dear Alexandre,

    here are my suggestions about comrade Berija's 7 medals.

    For sure:

    - XX years RKKA

    - 30 years Red Army & Navy

    - Victory over Germany

    4 medals missing:

    I guess, that they might be defending and/or capture medals. Emphasis on the defending medals. Comrade Stalin got also the "Defending-Moscow-Medal". Specially in the "defending-period" of the GPW Berija's NKVD played a crucial role, i.e.: Stalingrad, if you remember the great movie "Enemy at the Gates" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0215750/ .

    Maybe :unsure: :

    - Stalingrad

    - Caucasus

    - Moscow

    - Leningrad

    Best regards

    Christian Zulus

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    Berija: 1899 - 1953

    1945 Marshall SU


    HSL no: 80 - 01.10.1943

    Lenin no: 1.236 - 22.02.1935

    Lenin no: 14.836 - 01.10.1943

    Lenin no: 27.006 - 21.02.1945

    Lenin no: 94.311 - 25.03.1949

    Lenin no: 118.679 - 18.10.1949

    Red Banner: no 7.034 - 03.04.1924

    Red Banner 2: no 11.517 - 03.11.1944

    Sovorow 1st class: no 217 - 08.03-1944

    Stalin Prize medal 1st class - 20.10.1949

    Republic awards:

    Red Banner of Labour Aserbaidshan - 14.03.1932

    Red Banner Georgia - 03.07.1923

    Red Banner of Labour Georgia - 12.04.1931

    Order of the Republic of Tuwinia (TAR) - 18.08.1043


    20 years RKKA

    Defense of Moscow

    Defence of Stalingrad

    Defence of Caucasus

    Victory over Germany

    800 years Moscow medal

    30 years Red Army & Navy


    5 years GPU no: 100 - 05.11.1923

    15 years GPU no: 205 - 14.12.1932



    Edited by Alfred
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    Dear Simon,

    many thanks for your link, which was new to me. But I still think, it is a great movie, but like all movies about the GPW from the West with a lot of (very) significant shortcomings as usual and a tendency to be critical with the Soviet system due to the sources where the finances were coming from for this french production. I appreciate the movie, because:

    - it shows the perspective from the Soviet side

    - excellent director

    - excellent camera

    - excellent cast

    I also think, that the role of NKVD was presented rather correct in that movie: It was a critical period for the CCCP and the NKVD had to take "special" measurements.

    O.K., you can not compare "Enemy at the Gates" to Yuri Oserov's epic masterpiece "Liberation", the Soviet - almost 8 hours long - immaculate movie from the late 60's, which shows the story of the GPW from the battle of Kursk (summer 1943) till the Red Flag at the Reichstag in Berlin. Since 2005 there is a german beautiful - nice booklet + bonus-DVD - DVD-box with that Oserov movie at the market: http://www.amazon.de/Befreiung-Teil-1-5-6-...=UTF8&s=dvd . All orders & medals are presented in the correct way :P ...

    Coming back to Berija http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavrenty_Pavlovich_Beria and http://www.diacritica.com/degenerate/9/beria.html . I think, that he got his last 2 Lenins + Stalin Prize 1cl for the nuclear weapons developement in the CCCP. Berija was in the "Inner Circle" around Stalin responsible for the A-Bomb. The question is, why didn't he got his 2nd HSL for the A-Bomb? O.K., Stalin Prize 1cl + 2 Lenins is something special, but all other comrades involved with the developement of the Soviet A-Bomb received a HSL. The fact is, that Berija lost some of his political power in the early 50's - in Stalin's view Berija was too a-political, not a Bolshevisk, pro-western, morally insane and a monster (responsible for the "Great Purge", Katyn, etc., etc.). Enough for not-receiving a HSL?

    Best regards

    Christian Zulus

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